The journey of finding real scent.

Updated: May 2

Scent is your private invocation and invitation into your sacred realm of existence.

That's why it is so immutably personal (that's the reason why you find your 'signature scent').

Take time to find the aromatic concoction that fits you, that makes your heart bloom and fills your spirit with Pure Light.

Make sure it's absolutely natural. Preferably botanic.

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Just because something is 'natural' doesn't mean it's 'botanical'... a dedication to herbal ingredients sets botanical perfumery apart from historically traditional methods.

By the time I was about 25, I had pronounced, severe reactions to all kinds of synthetics and my love of the strong perfumes from my teens were just not an option anymore. I delved into Aromatherapy and absolutely loved my studies into using essential oils for everyday enjoyment.

However when I began looking at natural perfumes I didn't realise that some natural/traditional perfumers were still using animal by products in their formulations and for me that was like finding my vegetable soup was made with beef stock... So I searched for 'botanical perfumers' and that's when I came across a small but growing niche, and some incredibly talented potion makers. I bought their perfumes for years and set about teaching my nose to assess the layers of scent. It was a revelation to experience real botanicals because they hold so much vibrational information.

It is not just scent, it is magic.

After getting my sea-legs so to speak, I jumped aboard making simple blends of Perfume Oils and then base accords to play with. The journey of exploring aromas this way is like taking an epic travel trail. I felt like I was moving through time and geographical planes, taking in the essences of cultures I'd only read about, and places I'd never physically been in. It took years before I felt like I had gotten close to mastering anything about these ingredients, but I'd wake with recipes running through my mind and just have to get to the cabinet to begin to assemble a new blend or new idea of scent companions. I do believe that when you find 'the thing' that gets you out of bed early on a cold morning, then you have found the thing you must be doing. It's your purpose. Go do it.

Continuing my pathway of learning I started to see if I could create Eau de Parfum to 'explode' the scent with the ability to have it sprayable. I started. I failed. (repeat). I finally achieved something lovely after learning how the alcohol and time affect the base ingredients. You can follow any recipe you like in detail, but to physically take in the various stages of change is an education. In Botanical Perfumery you'll find that an EDP is around 30 to 40% extrait, which is the actual perfume blend without any carrier oil. To get the EDP you need to infuse the oils into the alcohol over a period of time (up to 8 weeks, sometimes more) and then, if you've used some botanical matter (leaves, pods, seeds, berries, powders, resin, bark etc) the blend will need to be super-chilled and filtered to achieve a beautiful, clarified liquid. EDP's are a magnification of the original blend. They provide a more complex, enveloping experience (compared to a Perfume Oil or solid Balm which to me is deeper and richer).

Being attuned to vibrational energy, my potions all ended up having various layers of frequencies woven in. I use specific botanical and mineral (crystal) essences, and will blend so that my perfumes may age over a certain astrological or galactic time period or event. It's just what I do because it feels correct. Intuition in scent making is everything to me and I've found some of the most engaging companion scents simply by being guided by what I feel might work together. Some perfumes go through a metamorphosis of near to a whole year to produce as a saleable item. That's a lot of time and energy into one product, but the end product is definitely worth the effort.

So I've been back at the bench and am ready to launch a new perfume offering during October. I have been waiting for some time to gift it on into the world :) but situations have stalled its release so far. I think, 'Everything in Perfect Timing' and relax when this sort of thing is happening. So with a calm inhale I am sitting waiting for printing of labels to 'be done' and for photography to 'happen' and I know it will all come together beautifully... stay tuned.

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PS: Yes, the Perfume Workshop is still 'on the cards'...waiting for that to align as well ;)


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