The Story of The MEM Lotus

If you are new to MEM you may be wondering why I chose this decorative little lotus as my logo, and there are several reasons why. The Lotus is a symbol of Beauty from the Earth. Primarily it represents the rise of consciousness from the mundane to divine. There are many ways this has been explained, but this is my interpretation of decades of study and observance.

I'm a chronic doodler and have used my drawings as logos for MEM since beginning in 2012. Back then my focus was on 'Mother & Baby' as this was the whole of my life and had been for over a decade. That shifted recently and became a more inclusive idea, embracing the need for non-toxic formulations for all the family.

The Lotus is also symbolic of transformation, travel between dimensions of Being and Humanity utilising a precious gift from nature. Some forms of lotus are used as hallucinogenic agents enabling altered states of consciousness, spiritual awareness and connection to Source frequency. Others are solely prized for their exotic aromatics. In medicine it is used for a variety of treatments and cures.

The plant itself is aesthetically pleasing with long stems that rise through the water to reach the world above, where they bloom in response to the sunlight. Draw from that visual all the symbolism of human growth that you can! Metaphorically we are all 'stuck in the mud' until we 'reach up and feel the light'. 

In response to our awareness of another, higher, brighter and clearer place, we grow and form something beautiful, radiant and uplifting. The bloom is the beauty after the struggle. It encapsulates my own life's story and I felt drawn to the lotus imagery long before I doodled out the drawing that became my stylised logo. 

From initial doodles to a sketch, the evolution of the design.

I expect many can relate to the Lotus and the timeline of struggle or hard work to achieve a semblance of beauty in existence. If you are experiencing a time of growth, whether it is a struggle or an invigorating climb, I wish you well. I hope you enjoy a remarkable and astonishing blooming very soon and understand that your example will be noticed,...because anyone who is 'in the process' will always appreciate a beautiful flower and be inspired simply by its existence.

Your efforts are not going un-noticed.

You are going to reach the top.

You will achieve's all a natural process, so trust the order of things and know that you are on the way to your own blooming future.




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