Top 5 Must Do Feng Shui Tips for 2020

We are only days away from the new Solar Cycle on planet Earth, and that brings a new set of energy influences for each direction. Flying Stars Feng Shui is the authentic study of energy flow to and from our galaxy and the planet we inhabit and began over 3000 years ago to track favourable and unfavourable energy. You see, energy is not a static 'thing' moves through Time and Space. It is always on a cycle of transformation, changing from one potential to another and this is the complex undertaking that ancient people realised they needed to understand in order to plan, organise and prosper.

The property and building we inhabit holds its own energy for its lifetime (similar to a human body) yet will undergo subtle changes as it matures and settles. On top of those layers of energy there are the Annual Influences, which is what we’ll look at now.

1. Observe what kind of energy you are inviting into your property. This is a huge aspect of any form of Feng Shui or geomancy, kitchen witchery or basic energy work. ‘What am I inviting in’ is where you begin. In Feng Shui this is identified as the ‘Ming Tang’, the area outside and inside your Main Entrance Door. It’s where you bring your Human Qi in and out of your home, and as a result it has the ability to activate all layers of energy present. It is called ‘The Mouth of Qi’ and quite simply put, feeds your home with subtle frequencies. Before the Feng Shui New Year it is a great opportunity to assess the state of repair, objects and possessions and general aesthetic of this area in your property whether it’s a family home or business premises. Clean, repair, cleanse and reorganise for optimum utilisation of the space, as it is intended as a beautiful representation of your invitation to the universe to bring you all good things.

2. Identify where your Annual Wealth Star is and create a nurturing space to activate this energy all year long. The Annual Wealth Star for 2020 is located in the NW and is going to help all aspects of Progression in Life from February 2020 to January 2021. This boost to the ‘travel and helpful people’ sector relates to personal development, connection to mentors and required information coming your way. The ‘travel’ aspect signifies both geographical travel but also the traversing of life’s pathways, rites of passage, a steady movement of progression and maturing. The ‘Wealth Star’ enriches this aspect of Life this year as well our general ability to activate opportunities for wealth in all forms. Clean running water is the best activator, but you can also use Fire and Earth Element representations. Find out more about using Elemental Balancing in the free ebook on the website.

3. Identify where the Annual Star 5 of Change will be. In 2020 it is located in the East and may cause disruptions to health, family and plans. In Flying Stars Feng Shui it is optimal to keep this area of your property quiet, clean and to use an Elemental Balancing technique of adding The Sound of Metal with metal wind chimes, metal bells on door handles or even using soft piano music or relaxing temple music made with bells and gongs. It is important to repair anything broken or ugly so that low level energy is not attracted to the property. Remove any Fire Element representations as these will only serve to strengthen the influence of Star 5. For a smooth flow to the year, it’s important to deflect the Star 5, which we can do using The Sound of Metal, but if you cannot put chimes or bells up, a Wealth Bringer Bowl outside the building is the next best thing.

4. Know where your Star 2 is. This influence governs a lot of our health and wellness, so it’s best to make sure the area it is residing in this year is clean, tidy and hygienic. If it ends up being the area of your kitchen, dining, bedroom or bathroom there is even more emphasis on having these areas pristine to promote great health. Star 2 is in the South from February 2020 to January 2021. As an Earth element it is weakened by Metal, so we use similar ‘treatments’ as for Star 5. However, for Star 2 there is a particular elemental treatment called a Salt Water Cure consisting of a round glass vase filled with half pure water and half rocksalt. On top of the rocksalt the Chinese would place 6 metal coins, as 6 is a Metal element. This cure was then placed in the Annual Star 2 area to promote good quality Qi. Now we know that salt water promotes negative ions which in turn promote good health for humans and animals.

5. Activate your Future Wealth Star in a similar way to the Annual Wealth Star. Star 9 will be coming into power as the Ruling Star in 2024, so it is referred to as the ‘Future Wealth Star’ and is a potent energetic influence for you to activate for favourable plans and foundations for future endeavours. It is the perfect spot for a Vision Board or Wishing Vase too. This year it is in the West and will help to boost Creative pursuits and advance relationships with children.

There is so much more to know but these five points will help you to steer through the year with more ease and grace, and help you to begin it with organised, directed intentions. To find out all there is to know, purchase your copy of the 2020 Annual Influences Guide here. And remember that if you are new or needing a refresher in Feng Shui Elemental theory, download the free ebook 'How to use The Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui' before the end of March.

If you would like to know and in-depth analysis your property’s Feng Shui Chart, I do take a few Holistic Feng Shui Assessment bookings each year. Look at the Feng Shui Earth Magic page for more information. You can also order a Personal Annual Influences Report that you can book for yourself or someone else. It provides detailed interpretation of your personal energy and how the Annual Influences may affect you. During January to March each year they are discounted to celebrate the beginning of a new cycle and encourage you to invest in a harmonious future.

Self Mastery is the Evolution of your Being

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