"Wellness for me is..."

... what I'm thinking about most of the time, and if you're a parent, carer or someone who has a heartbeat, you're probably thinking it too. 'Wellness' has become a coined term now. We have a 'wellness industry' with wellness practitioners, coaches and therapists. The thing is, 'wellness' is not a commodity. You can't buy it or be given it. Wellness is a cultivated condition that you obtain.

So where do you get this from, this... 'wellness'?

It's not like a menu-planner app where you order up 'healthy-life-enhancing-everything' and receive it on your doorstep every Monday, Wednesday and Friday...you've gotta work at this stuff.

And it's not difficult. You've just got to get your mind around a few key concepts by asking yourself a few pertinent questions...

1. How fresh are you?

We are living organic beings, and as such, we survive on living, organic sustenance.

By increasing fresh, vital intake and reducing dead, toxic substances, we easily shift the balance in our favour for good health. SUCH a simple formula you'd think everyone would understand it.

Going organic with your diet won't mean sh#t unless you also reduce toxins in your personal care and household maintenance products. If you have to take medication that's pharmaceutical (therefore also bringing with it negative side effects) then also think of detox helpers and immune system boosters like herbal teas that you can take each and every day. Search for a health care practitioner that will work towards the healthiest you, not just someone who prescribes to remove or suppress individual symptoms.

If you've been flogging a stale, dead relationship for some time you probably feel like a slave driver instead of a co-creator in a life. Does your personal life need freshening up too? Do your human connections have meaning and purpose and love and happiness? These are just as important as trust and companionship.

2. Do you purchase consciously?

If you believe that healthier options are 'luxury items' then maybe you need to re-adjust how you value your health. No one has responsibility for your health except you, so everything you invest in good health options is a basic necessity. Like shelter and sustenance. There is no one product or one source (company, person or place) that will provide you with everything you need. Oh if it were only that simple.

By becoming a conscientious and discerning consumer you will be educating yourself about necessities and eliminating hype products, which will ultimately save you money and time.

Purchasing consciously and conscientiously, will save your energy and finances. Ill-health is costly on so many levels. People lose their opportunities in life when ill-health or injury force them to be less than living optimally, so investing in yourself is also investing in success and a bright future.

3. Buy what you need now and use it now.

Eating fresh produce is always going to be better for your health and the same can be said for fresh skincare and products for cleaning that are basic, pure and safe to use.

Plan your meals so that you are not grabbing processed options instead of fresh food.

Educate yourself about household toxins and remove them from use in your home and business.

Don't put your beautiful purchases in the drawer for a rainy day or special occasion...use that gorgeous organic perfume everyday and gain the benefits. Sip the organic tea. Have the bath-soak every weekend for the next month, you bloody-well deserve it. USE the aromatherapy oils you bought to help you this season and be healthier and more productive. Take the Essence drops and move through that emotional blockage. Access the higher form of healthcare and take pro-active measures to create a lifestyle that nourishes you physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Be the you that is dying to live the life you've been given here and now.

Feeeeeed your inner light and shine bright!

Being 'well' is you being fully supported by yourself, with the resources you require.

It requires mindset and taking responsibility for your actions. But by involving more healing influences in your life you'll access more solutions for naturally great health, and in turn this will generate better life experiences. We're all up for that right?

If you feel ready to begin charting your course to more health, happiness and prosperity, you can chat with me via one of the consultation links below. Let me help you take the first steps to wellness.



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