2021 Annual Influences Guide

2021 Annual Influences Guide

The Annual Influences Guide is your guide to keeping your places and spaces aligned with the planetary, galactic and cosmic forces that connect with your home, environment, mind, spirit and body.  


Each page of the calendar provides you with ideas to enhance your life with more magic, more success and more happiness. 


Know the possibilities and use that knowledge to your advantage whether it’s to protect you from adversity or alert you to confrontation potentials, the value of foresight is always something to appreciate.

Take a look at the example of February's Summary Page and Calendar Page.


What can Flying Stars Feng Shui help with?

  • Create a consciousness around energy flow and how that affects you and your life.
  • Provide insight into the 9 Life Aspects and how to achieve harmonious balance using observational techniques that are simple and easy to follow.
  • Promote good health by subduing the influences that can cause problems.
  • Avoid complications by knowing how to avert or dismantle unhelpful energy.
  • Boost Wealth opportunities by activating your Wealth Star.
  • Plan for the future by activating your Future Wealth Star! 
  • Enjoy smooth flowing energy all year by knowing how to enhance specific Qi/Chi in your spaces for optimum harmony.

Calendar and Chart Interpretations to the end of January 2022

Your Annual Influences Guide contains a 12 month calendar with important dates, lunar observations and a monthly summary of the influences you need to know about. All in one convenient file that you can have on your desktop or on your phone. 


I wish you all the best for a beautiful start to the year. Blessings for success in all your endeavours and Health, Wealth and Harmony for all.


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    To avoid costly wastage of printed manuals MEM uses Print On Demand as a way to be more environmentally responsible.

    If you would like your copy printed and posted to you please use the option for POD here after placing your order for the AIG. The digital file is sent to you immediately, with the printed version mailed to you within 10 working days. 

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    2021 Moon Phase Wall Chart 

    The Moon calendar is for doing Lunation Planning, or simply to take notice of the moon phase and know what that means energetically.

    On a Full Moon there can be a tendency to try and do too much as the energy is high....on a Dark Moon to New Moon it's a good time to reset with quiet moments. Detox or space clearing is best organised on the Last Quarter before New Moon because energy is naturally 'ebbing' at that point.

    In conjunction with the Flying Stars we can see there's a correlation between the intensity of their influence and our Lunar cycle too. Star 5 or 7 heightened by the Yang energy of a Full Moon will create different outcomes than it would at the quiet Yin of New Moon.

    I've made the chart so you can literally glance at it, find the month, look at the date and see symbol of where the moon is in its cycle. Ta-dah!

  • Free ebook:

    To help you understand FSFS a little better, use the ebook 'How to use The Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui', that explains the philosophy of Elemental Balancing. It's free with your purchase of the AIG. Select the ebook and add it to your cart, then use the code '5ELEMENTS' at Checkout to get it free. It was originally part of the Reference Pages in previous AIG's but it's been revamped and expanded! I hope you enjoy using this alongside your AIG 2020.

    You may have to do this as a separate order as it cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

    Using this ebook you can calculate your Birth Number and learn how to use it with the Annual & Monthly Charts to boost your personal health, wealth and happiness, then apply the same formula for anyone in your family or business.

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