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HELLO HEALTH - Buster & Burp

A simple protocol for clearing fungal infections inside and out. 

Suggestion: Wash all sheets, pillowcases, towels and washers in gentle detergent then rinse with a dilution of Buster. Using a nail brush, scrub underneath toenails, between toes and underneath fingernails with a dilution of Buster each morning and night. Use a drop of Burp in 5ml of edible quality oil like raw coconut or olive oil each morning and night before food. This helps to keep unhelpful bacteria at an acceptable level within the body and alleviates fungal related illnesses. You can also vapourise Burp to cleanse the air and give an invigorating frequency to spaces.


LIVING WELL - Rescue & Prosper

The two 'use these everywhere' blends. Indispensible first aid helpers and home maintenance heroes.

Suggestion: Both blends are suitable for vapourising and clearing the air during times of respiratory distress (colds & flu, allergies and asthma). Rescue is wonderful to add to a massage blend for any muscular aches and pains and works as a 'itch and bite' relief blend. Prosper eradicates unpleasant odours quickly and helps to kill airborne bacteria and viruses. Prosper can also be diluted 1 drop in 5ml of pure honey to soothe a sore throat. Both blends can be diluted to use as surface cleaners and sanitisers for everyday maintenance.


THE PATH OF LIGHT - Bright & Forest Bather

Unhook from the modern day stresses and enjoy the gentle messages from nature.

Suggestion: Add Bright to a diffuser, vapouriser or make a room mist in an atomiser spray bottle. The aromatics of Bright are cleansing, comforting and uplifting. Apply Forest Bather to the back of your neck, palms of your hands, between the breasts/middle of the chest and soles of the feet. Breathe deeply and listen to the wisdom of Trees encapsulated in this blend.


PROTECT & RESTORE - Abracadabra & Astral Traveler

Calm your frequency and tune into the etheric healing realms with peaceful sleep.

Suggestion: Apply Abracadabra to the palms of the hands, collarbones and temples. Breathe in deeply. Add Astral Traveler to a vapouriser or diffuser 20 minutes before bedtime and sink into a deep restorative slumber.


CLEAR & GROUNDED - Key Qi & Woodkin

Magnificently cleansing energy paired with a powerful grounding blend. You'll feel like a column of Light anchored to the Earth's core. 

Suggestion: Use Key Qi as an atmospheric and surface cleanser/cleaner for your immediate spaces. Then apply Woodkin to the soles of the feet, Solar Plexus, back of the neck and palms of the hands. Breathe in deeply.



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