Select from these curated trios of Aromablends suitable for all kinds of home remedies and home maintenance.

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THE BIG GUNS - Bright, Prosper & Rescue

Need to shift mood quickly? Get things DONE? Be well and back into it NOW? This is your set...


THREE LEVELS OF HEAVEN - La Belle Vie, Beauty, Nirvana

Relax, indulge, luxuriate and connect in with your feminine side.


CLEAN IT UP - Fresh Pearl, Buster, Prosper

Cleansing places, spaces and bodies. This trio has a myriad of uses singularly or in combination.


ARBOREAL - Freedom, Peace, Forest Bather

The set for all those who partake in tree-gazing, forest-bathing; that whole 'shirin yuku' vibe of soaking up the magnificense of our branched friends.


All bottles are presented gift wrapped ready to gift.

Add in an atomiser bottle, pump lid bottle, rollerwand mini or rollerwand maxi , or a large recycled pet spray bottle for household cleaning and room sprays, from the Accessories page to enjoy your blends in several ways.

Aromablend Trio Sets

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  • "Love love love your aroma blends! I'm diffusing Nirvana as we speak 💕" Nicole

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