Whip up your own fresh facial mask in moments using the soft and silky Australian White Kaolin Clay. It's the most gentle, mild and nurturing clay and makes a suitable mask for all kinds of skin; children, elderly, sensitive, aging, damaged or 'normal'. Clay masks help to gently bring impurities out of the skin and cleanses pollutants from deep within the layers as well as the surface. This leaves a brighter, smoother and more balanced complexion.


Use approximately a teaspoon of KAOLIN with a teaspoon of Facial Cleansing Powder and 5-6 drops of Facial Oil and/or Cleansing Gel, to make a luxurious mix.


Customise your mask to your current skin situation eg: Balance if you have hormonal breakouts, acne or pimples, Devotee for mature skin, Luminous for dull skin, Soothe for sensitive, sunburned or irritated skin, etc. NB: both Devotee and Luminous contain a slilght exfoliating ingredient. Do not use these if you have irritated skin.


Dewfall Facial oil brightens a dull complexion, Skin Elixir nourishes lack lustre skin, Serene assists with very dry or maturing skin with fine lines and creases, and Balance Facial Oil assists with hormonal or problematic/irritated skin. If you have fiercely irritated skin use AngelWings Multipurpose Oil. 


Illusion or Purity Cleansing Gels add a softenss and glide to the mask plus extra hydration making them a great choice for mature or dry skin issues.

(If you are unsure of which product to use with KAOLIN please use the Contact page to send me your question. I'll get back to you asap)


Apply it to dry skin and allow it to 'almost' dry. I advise to use a Botanical Mist during the drying process over about 5 minutes so it won't dry out.


It's not just for your face. Mix up one of the Multipurpose Oils or Facial Oils and give yourself a detox wrap around the middle including your middle-lower back near your kidneys. Apply around your lymph nodes on the sides of the neck, armpits and groin to help detoxify naturally and gently. Wash off in a shower under tepid water, and after patting dry, apply a little BodyVelvet or Multipurpose oil to replenish the oil in the dermis.


If you'd like to try an all over body treatment with KAOLIN already made up, then view HALO Body Polish.

KAOLIN - Australian White Clay

Choose quantity
  • Add approximately 1 teaspoon of clay to 1 teaspoon of Powdered Facial Cleanser of choice.

    Mix in 5 - 6 drops of Facial Oil, and/or Gel, Add enough water to make a loose paste.

    Wipe or brush onto damp skin, avoiding eyes and lips.

    Allow to set but not dry. Spritz with a Botanical Facial Mist during your mask to avoid it drying out completely.

    Wash off with tepid water and a soft cloth.

    Follow with moisturizer of choice.


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