BEAUTY Aromablend

BEAUTY Aromablend


An 'in-house' blend of Vanilla Bean infused Palmarosa and Jasmine Absolute in Jojoba, buoyed with subtle hints of Gingergrass and Rose Geranium it creates a deliciously enveloping signature. Wearing this provides an air of confidence that's bright and 'shining' from within, radiating out from the Heart Chakra like a lazerbeam-cone of rose coloured light.


Wear it close to your Heart in between the breasts and at the front of the armpits to effuse a delicious scent all day long. Because this blend is aromatically strong it can be diluted with fractionated coconut oil to make a beautiful body oil or massage oil.


Crystal infused with Clear Quartz, this amplifies your Energy Signature and clarifies the emotions, enabling you to shine your light and maintain the truth of who you are.


Made with pure essential oils, botanical macerations and Certified Organic Jojoba Oil.

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  • Ingredients:

    Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum) infused *Jojoba (Simmondsia chinesis), *Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) infused *Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), *Gingergrass (Cympogon martini), Rose Geranium (Pelargonium roseum). *Certified Organic.

  • How to use:

    Add a drop to pulse points and rub in to release the gentle, relaxing aromatics.

  • FAQ:

    Is it safe for use in pregnancy?

    No. Jasmine is a uterine stimulant. This oil would be a beautiful gift for a post-partum mumma.


    Is it suitable for children?

    Yes. Dilute for use topically (on the skin). Can be used by children, adults and the elderly. Always do a patch test and exercise caution with the very young, infirm or ill.

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  • Reviews

    "... thank you for my amazing little package! I am LOVING your new blends [La Belle Vie, Nirvana, Beauty]. I've also fallen in love with Prosper and Bright...and well Rescue, what can I say, it's my blend 💕. I'm so glad I found you, you're so incredibly talented! Thank you again for my package and for helping to keep us all so well xxx" Nicole

  • Samples:

    Sample bottles are approximately 3ml of oil in an amber glass bottle with dropper cap closure. They can be used to refill the 2ml bottles in the MINIS COLLECTION.

    Sample solid balms are presented on a square of glassine paper in a glassine envelope with seal. They should be kept away from heat and light and used within a few weeks of receiving as they are not in an airtight container.


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