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They say that sleep is everything and I agree 100%. If you can do both your skin regeneration, help your body naturally detox AND visit the etheric realm and realign your spirit while you sleep, well, why wouldn't you?


Beauty Sleep Gift Set is a simple yet effective Holistic Skincare protocol involving a tension relief tea, a soft compress cloth and MEM's intensive skin regenerative blend, VERITAS.


This is how you use the set:

About one hour before bed, brew a cup of Bliss&Flow Organic Herbal Tea and pour a small cup for yourself. Use the other half with some tepid water in a little bowl to soak your facial cloth.


Sip Bliss&Flow tea quietly (no distractions other than star/moon gazing). Wring out the cloth and apply to cleansed skin, pressing gently with your palms over your forehead, temples, eye sockets, cheekbones, jawline and chin. Then soak it again, wring it out and reverse the sequence of compressing your face gently. This is an incredibly relaxing and tension relieving process and one you will probably return to at any time of the day to reset and provide calm.


While your skin is still damp and soft and the skin's pores are relaxed, apply a small amount of Veritas to your fingertips and dot massage (gently touching the skin with your fingertip pads) around your nose, cheekbones and eye sockets with light pressure. Apply a little more and repeat for your forehead, jawline and neck. With light, upward sweeping motions from your neck, blend in the oil to your skin and allow it to absorb before laying down to sleep.


The aromatics in Veritas Regenerative Serum help to relax the mind and spirit. Combining Pomegranate Seed, Camellia Seed and Pumpkin Seed oils creates a super plumping and antioxidant base of pure skin food. Rose, Helichrysum, Coffee Bean, Carrot Seed, Rosemary and Roman Chamomile work to hydrate, repair, rejuvenate, brighten and calm the complexion. It's a light but intense blend of botanicals to boost your complexion.


The Gift Set includes a small pamphlet with the instructions above so that whomever you gift it too will be able to follow the protocol and get the most out of their gift.


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Absolutely botanical and synthetic free.

Absolutely soap free and naturally cruelty free.

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Beauty Sleep Gift Set


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