Infused with 'Green' Bush Flower Essence - A purifying essence to balance and harmonise the inner-body with the outer environment.

Gourmand indulgence, uplifting and stimulating; Coffee is a marvelous ingredient for toning your skin when applied topically and it gives your emotions an uplifting boost. Fantastique also contains comforting Vanilla and 'the peace-giving oil', Sweet Orange, to relieve stress.

Use it to tone up thighs, buttocks, hips, upper arms, chest and torso after applying to wet skin, with gentle sweeping motions for a few minutes with the shower off. Removes built up toxins from surface layers to clarify the tone and appearance of your skin. Eliminates flakiness and provides great moisturisation.


A perfect 'pre-holiday', post-workout or weekend treatment for your bod.


Suitable for use twice a week.

Fantastique Skin Ritual Scrub

  • *Roasted Ground Coffee, Arrowroot Powder, *Coconut Oil, *Vanilla in *Jojoba infusion, *Sweet Orange essential oil, ’Green’ Australian Bush Flower Essence. *=Certified Organic


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