'Full Spectrum Aromatherapy' is a collation of notes about the 18 blends from Magic Earth Mumma, plus information on how to use a selection of essential oils and carrier oils for mixing your own blends, plus healing and alleviating everyday conditions.


You are always welcome to get in touch via the website to ask questions and receive suggestions for using MEM's blends and other essential oils too.

It is better to ask than to make mistakes! 😘


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Full Spectrum Aromatherapy ebook

  • "Thanks for the booklet as with everything you do - it looks amazing, high quality and made with such love and care! Thank you." Dorine

    "This is just perfect. It's all in one place, all I have to do is open it up. Going to enjoy getting through it little by little." N

    "Thankyou Jannette! Is it wrong of me to want a reason to use it straight away? :)!" Nicole

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