Hearts & Blessings Gift Set

Hearts & Blessings Gift Set

Hearts & Blessings is a pamper pack for celebrating luxury. 


Contains a gold tone stainless steel applicator spatula to keep your beautiful Blessing Salve as pristine as possible, a Certified Organic Cotton Muslin facial cloth to gently cleanse before using the salve, or use it as a gentle compress to reduce stress and tension. The Rose Quartz Gua Sha assists with moving the salve deep into the dermis and encouraging circulation from the top skin layers deep down to the muscle structures, firming skin tone.

Then scent layer with Blessings Botanic Perfume Oil, anointing pulse points to allow the aromatics to bloom gently with your body heat.


The intensive hydration from BLESSING Restorative Salve (15ml jar) comes with a relaxing and calming aromatic from a selection of precious oils whipped together in a light Shea Butter formulation. 


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Absolutely botanical and synthetic free.

Absolutely soap free and naturally cruelty free.

Microbatch made, with love, in Australia.

  • About Blessing Restorative Salve

    The ingredients in Blessing were chosen for their ability to harmonise the skin's production of sebum and boost collagen production, going beyond a 'beauty balm' and into the realms of deeply healing salve. Infused with Frankincense, Helichrysum, Sandalwood and Rose to heal, hydrate and calm, plus Patchouli, Rose Geranium and Palmarosa to assist with plumping lines or creases and helping to make them less visible. It envelopes you in a cloud of serene aromatherapy, soul-connecting and sacred.
    This creamy salve contains the alchemy of organic Shea Butter whipped to a luxurious velvety texture. The soft salve melts easily with a little bodyheat creating a deliciously creamy blend that floats over the skin and sinks in quickly.

  • About Facial Cleansing Cloths

    Use as a cleansing cloth or a warm or cold compress for relaxation.

    Wet the cloth under warm water and wring out. Using gentle circular motions, wipe away cleanser or oil solution you have used. Repeat if needed.

    Using cold water, wring out the cloth and fold into a flat rectangle that fits over both eyes. Leave it on while relaxing to help alleviate puffy eyes, tension headaches or visual fatigue.

    Warm hand-wash only. Leave to dry thoroughly before next use. Not suitable for tumble driers.

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