Jasmine Flower Pomade

Jasmine Flower Pomade

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The sheer brilliance of the 'true to bloom' aroma produced from the enfleurage process is something to experience.


I used certified organic Shea Butter as the base to extract the heavenly scent of fresh Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) which grows rampantly along the fence on my property.  Seductive, sensual, intoxicating, yet light as air; the true scent of Jasmine flower is a daydream made real.


'Enfleurage' is a perfumery process where fresh blooms are individually pressed into a fat or butter base, imparting their scent and essence into the solid oil. (find out more about the process on this post here) The base is 'recharged' daily, or every 48hrs as weather permits, with fresh flowers picked by hand and pressed into the base delicately (I kept the removed spent flowers and placed them in a tincture base to become an eau de toilette) until the plant stops blooming, or, for a period of a week or more.


The end product is a 'pomade' of delicately scented botanical butter.

Soft, nourishing, invisible,... magic.

It smells like 'pale-pink light'. Air-Jasmine. A white summer dress with embroidered edging. Green grass, giggles and blue skies. Flower-petal-soft and as sensual as a full lip.


This is how you experience a true soliflore perfume. No additives. No boosters. Just the one bloom showing off and doing that beautifully.


  • Samples are presented on an unbleached wax paper fold inside a glassine paper envelope with seal. Approximately 1.5g or around 3 applications.
  • 6ml jars are opaque white glass with gold lid. No label.


Each order includes an information card about the enfleurage process and the single note perfume.


I've reserved half of the pomade to use again for the next flowering season and will release a small amount for purchase when it's ready. This will have stronger sillage and hopefully increased scent longevity. 

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  • How to Use:

    Use the spatula included or your fingertips to apply a tiny amount of pomade to your wrists, collarbones and nape of the neck.

    Store your pomade away from heat and light for optimum longevity.

  • Ingredients:

    Certified Organic Shea Butter infused with fresh Jasmine officinalis flowers.

    This pomade has been gently warmed until liquified and then strained through an unbleached muslin bag to remove any impurities.

    It is a completely Vegan product and is absolutely cruelty free. (I even waited until the bees were off the flowers before harvesting them!)

    It has absolutely no other ingredients. No additives. No preservatives (shea is self-preserving). No synthetics at all.

    100% plant magic

  • About the technique:

    This pomade is produced in micro batches while the flowers are blooming. They're picked fresh each day (weather permitting) and hand pressed into a botanical butter base. Originally this base would have been rendered animal fat. In ancient Egypt this was a common perfume making technique. More recently in the 1900's, France was again using this technique but furthering it by combining the infused fat with alcohol then evaporating the alcohol off to produce a botanical 'absolute'.

    The technique is reserved mostly for the more delicate flowers that are difficult to distill in large quantities. Things like Tuberose, Lilac, Gardenia, Violet, Orchid, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Hyacinth and Carnation. (High value perfumery flowers, but any flower or botanical material can be used to produce a pomade)

    After the plant has finished blooming (this can be anywhere from one week to three months depending on the plant) the base is scraped off, gently melted to a liquid and passed through a seive to remove any impurities. The result is called a pomade and retains the entire scent profile of the flower. All of those precious scent molecules are present and brilliant. Expensive pomades can be the product of several flowering seasons as the pomade base is used again and again to extract the scent from one or several flowers.

    The scent produced is unlike anything else. It is totally different to the essential oil or absolute. It contains no alcohol at all.

    I was asked why I would embark on this technique when it is so labour intensive, the answer is, that it's about capturing the very essence of the bloom and being able to transport that so someone else far away (or myself in a few months time) can for a few moments, have their nose in a handful of fresh blooms. 

    As this is a delicate product it needs to be stored away from heat and light and tightly capped between applications. And, as this has been made with fresh botanicals, please do a patch test to gauge your level of sensitivity. The fragile nature of this product also means that it won't last long and is more of a ritual pause, an essence connection, an astral-botanical-portal and will only last on the skin for about 2 hours. But oh, those 2 hours...😘

    Yes, you can use this as a facial moisturiser if desired. The nourishing Shea Butter is known for its ability to deeply moisturise the dermis and plump the skin to dewy perfection.


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