Pamper yourself with a weekly restorative masque session.

Soothe the senses and nourish the complexion with this simple set.


Each set contains: 

  • KAOLIN clay 10ml bottle (refillable). The most gentle of clays, suitable for sensitive, mature, dry, irritated or repairing skin. 
  • ANAHATA facial oil 3ml. Gentle, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, soothing. Anahata Aromablend is suitable as an intensive treatment for deep creases or dry patches, but I mainly use this to quiet the mind, calm the nerves and nourish the heart. It works beautifully in a gentle masque base to promote cellular regeneration.
  • RADIANT Botanical Mist 30ml. A blend of Certified Organic Rose Hydrosol, purified water, antioxidant Rosehip, Rosella and Kakadu Plum, aromatic Rose Geranium & Jasmine with auric fortification from Angelsword ABF Essence. A skin drink and an energetic soother in one. Use it after cleansing, before applying masques or moisturising. Use it anytime for refreshment.
  • SHED 35 handmade local ceramic from the Scenic Rim in SE Qld. Beautifully made ceramics with unique patterns. Each one is different.
  • Vegan bristle masque brush mini, with wooden handle. A cute little accessory you'll use over and over again. Wash out and rinse after each use, air dry and store away from moisture.
  • Complimentary Petals & Mint Organic Herbal Tea sample


The set makes a perfect Mothers Day gift or pamper pack for anytime of the year, and is presented in a gift bag with instruction card.


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Absolutely botanical and synthetic free.

Absolutely soap free and naturally cruelty free.

Microbatch made, with love, in Australia.


Mini Facial Masque GiftSet

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  • Directions:

    Add a teaspoon of KAOLIN clay into the dish mixing in a few drops of water (or a few sprays of RADIANT mist) to make a thick paste.

    Mix in up to 5 drops of ANAHATA oil.

    Add a little more water if needed so you have a loose paste.

    Spritz face and neck with mist, breathing in deeply a few times (wear a hair band or hair turban on to keep hair away from the face).

    Apply the masque with the brush provided in gentle sweeping motions from your collarbones to your forehead (if it’s a bit drippy add a little more clay).

    Relax somewhere quiet and comfortable, spritzing with the mist if you feel the masque becoming tight.

    After about 10 minutes, rinse off with cool water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Mist with RADIANT, then apply a few drops of ANAHATA onto fingertips and massage in from collarbones to forehead, breathing gently.

  • Rescue Remedy Flower Essence Blend - 'first aid' for all types of energetic and physical ailment or overwhelm.

    Rose Quartz Crystal Essence - Emotional Strength & Heart Energy Specifically for healing and strengthening mental and emotional aspects of Heart energy. Used to increase Compassion, Forgiveness and Kindness.

    Rose Quartz Gua Sha Gemstone Paddle - Gua Sha Facial Massage using a gemstone paddle can alleviate sinus congestion, muscular tension and work to stimulate a deep tissue detox at a cellular level and add the subtle energies associated with Crystal Therapy into this self-care ritual. The intensity of directed massage using the Gua Sha gemstone paddle tool can also help the skin layer re-adhere to the muscle layer below, assisting to establish a firmer skin tone, and reduce signs of premature aging.

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