MOTHER O PEARL Real Natural Powdered Toothpaste

MOTHER O PEARL Real Natural Powdered Toothpaste

A gentle everday toothpowder that has no soap and no sugar.
Use for soothing inflamed gums and promoting fresh breath. Use it everyday instead of mainstream toothpaste for bright, clean teeth and healthy gums.

Toothpaste powder, suitable for children and adults
Totally free of fluoride, parabens & SLS 
Aluminium free, Gluten free

No detergents, sugars, synthetic flavours or colours

Refillable and reusable container

Organic dental care for strong, healthy teeth and a non-toxic regime.
Just pure, natural ingredients that remove stains, repair teeth, maintain healthy gums, draw out toxins and freshen breath. The healthy option for you and your family. Safe enough to apply as a paste to infant gums for teething. Simply make up the paste using a little coconut oil or water in a small dish, and apply with your fingertip along the gum.

  • Ingredients:

    Arrowroot Powder, GF & AF Baking Powder, *Coconut Oil, Celtic Sea Salt,  'Fresh Pearl' Aromatherapy Blend (*Peppermint, *Clove Bud, *Cinnamon Bark, *Frankincense, *Tea Tree, Myrrh, *Jojoba) and Rescue Remedy Bach Flower Essences. *Certified Organic

  • How to use:

    Using a spoon or the spatula provided, use about 1/4 of a teaspoon of powder into your palm, or a small dish. With a clean, damp toothbrush, press the bristles into the powder so that the top of the bristles are coated. Brush teeth. Rinse with cold water. For best results use two to three times everyday to remove stains and brighten teeth.


    If you have a decay spot or sore gum area, apply a small amount with the tip of your finger to the area and massage in gently. No need to rinse out as all of these ingredients are beneficial for your body and digestive system in particular. 


    For extra dental hygiene see the blend Fresh Pearl to use as a mouthwash, oral hygiene treatment and toothbrush sanitiser. 

  • Reviews

    "[my daugher] loves your Mother O Pearl tooth paste!" Christine


    "I hate using any kind of foaming toothpaste now that I've used your toothpowder. It's brilliant and leaves my mouth so fresh, plus I really do see a difference in the brightness of my tooth colour." Jacinta

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