Ocean Jasper Personal Diffuser Pendant Perfume Gift Set

Ocean Jasper Personal Diffuser Pendant Perfume Gift Set

This faceted Ocean Jasper pendant vial holds a tiny amount of perfume to be used as a personal aromatic diffuser or vessel to store your daily anointing oil.


The  closure naturally allows a little oil to seep through the thread creating a gentle, personal fragrant 'zone' to radiate from the pendant. Each gemstone's inclusions and patterns make it the unique little Being it is. 


Included is a one 1ml Botanic Organic Perfume sample, descriptive information cards and micro-pipette for filling. Leave your choice of perfume noted in the required field.


Presented boxed and ready to gift, a gift card with personal message can be individually printed if this is being sent direct to recipient (please leave details in the Comments section at Checkout).


The stone provides a sensory attraction/distraction as it's so tactile you can use it as a touchstone/talisman for times of concentration, to restore emotional balance and bring you back to Being Here Now.


At approximately 30mm long, this pendant is delicate feature that remains light to wear even when filled.


Cleared and cleansed with incense and directed Reiki before being packaged and sent, it's ready to support your connection to what makes you unique; reframing perceived flaws, you identify them as what creates your individuality and effuse a frequency that is undeniably You.


Placed on a 50cm gold tone stainless steel chain (lead free) that is suitable for sensitive skin. (I've avoided 'plated jewellery' due to it promoting contact dermatitis)



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  • Gemstone Qualities:

    Ocean Jasper connects you with the magnificence of the oceanic realms. Powerful forces, deep mysteries and vast resources are attainable with the connection to the frequency of this stone.

    With its cloudy composition and kelp-like inclusions, it brings an energy like the calming waters of a protected bay or inlet. Moved and nourished by tidal flow, there is peace in knowing that everything ebbs and flows, that situations and occurrences are but a transitory happening in the ever changing consistency of Life. The opaque nature of this stone also indicates that it may assist with 'seeing through the fog' and relying more on your inherent wisdom rather than the distraction of what your other senses detect.

    Nothing is certain. Everything is impermanent. Evolution is perpetual.

    "Find your Rhythm".

  • Care Instructions:

    Clean with warm water and mild soap. Pat dry with a soft cloth.

    Polish only with a jewellery cloth.

    Energetically cleanse with incense or moonlight whenever you feel the need to. 

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