I'm often drawn outside around sunset, probably because of the climate I live in meaning that this time of day is 'cool down' time, or, even in cool weather it draws me out to enjoy the beautiful layers of blue, lilac and rose quartz skies, before the dots of stars begin to twinkle. I live near forested mountains and at sunset they are alive with cicadas calling out in waves of communication, as if they are calling in the constellations.


Resin is warmed from the day's heat and releases a last blast of scent as the evening breeze lifts the leaves. It's no wonder that at this time of day I can do my calmest dreaming... Orion is a huge constellation that rises slowly off to the East somewhere and arcs gracefully across the sky, till it drops below the ridge of the mountain in the West. And while Orion is 'The Hunter', I like to think that he enjoys the beauty of Earth's garden as he traverses the sky.


Scent profile: Aromatic Green Floral

Materials:  Bergamot, Geranium Bourbon, Lavender, Rose, Basil and Vetiver with artisan botanical infusions in Certified Organic Jojoba. Non-gender specific, suitable for men and women.

Evokes: Starlight, sunset colours and rolling mountain tops

A swirling dance of ascending aromas reflecting ‘above and below’


Energy Signature: A stain-glass window of sparkling citrus colours and points of dazzling light

Non-gender specific scent - suits both men and women

Spring / Summer - wear it to watch the sun set and the stars come out

Orion's Garden Organic Perfume

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  • MEM organic botanic perfume oil evolves on YOU. It will be slightly different for each wearer, but at least you wear the scent, and not the other way around. Natural perfume oil assimilates within a person's aura, and doesn't 'hit' others in the way that synthetic perfumes do.

    Made with nourishing Certified Organic Jojoba and 100% Natural and Organic essential oils and resins, they contain no synthetics...ever.
    No parabens. No petrochemicals. No alcohol. No phthalates. Not tested on animals.
    Non-GMO & Vegan ingredients (excluding beeswax in solid perfumes). Recyclable & BPA-free packaging. 

    To experience a stronger silage of your botanic perfume oil, try the combination of a solid perfume underneath a liquid perfume. This can help to increase the intensity and life of your perfume, and works well for people with overly sensitive and dry skin who may find that perfume doesn't last long for them. The barrier created by the beeswax allows the perfume oil to be absorbed slowly. To further your scent layering, apply a tiny amount of perfume oil to the tips of your fingers and run it through your hair near the scalp. Bodyheat created here will gently diffuse the perfume for hours.
    Solid Perfumes are made using a base of wild-crafted organic beeswax from hives in the local area (SE Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia), and certified organic Jojoba oil.
    Your botanic perfume will keep for over 12 months if stored correctly out of sunlight and away from heat.


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