A cooling and clarifying tea that is as good for the complexion as it is for the nervous system. Purifying and refreshing bliss.


Excellent for any kind of upset tummy or nervous tension. Wonderful for digestion. Rose Petals are marvelous for the female reproductive system health and Cornflower Petals assist to treat inflammation in the body, reducing swelling and irritation. 


Makes a supremely indulgent sunburn or irritated skin cure if left to go cold and used in a cool bath. You'll want a glass teapot to enjoy the colours as they swirl and brew.

This blend can also be sugared/candied to garnish desserts, or sprinkled over salads as an extra layer of flavour and colour.



Anti-inflammatory, Digestive Soother / Carminative, Calmative, TonicRefreshing, aromatic, cleansing & purifying

Safe to use for any age. Helps to reduce digestive gas
Helps to reduce nausea, halitosis and bloating

Presented in a kraft Bio-bag with tie (biodegradable, compostable) or foil lined ziplock pouch (recyclable)




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PETALS & MINT Herbal Tea Blend

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  • *Peppermint Leaf, *Rose Petals, **Cornflower petals. *=Certified Organic Ingredients  **=Organic Wild crafted Ingredients


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