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All you'll need to navigate the year ahead and into January 2020!

Earth energy is coming and it is time to find your stable ground.

Get secure, get organised and get positive!

Six new pages of Feng Shui introduction and a reformatted layout to help keep information easy to understand plus a new Lunation Planning page to help you sync in with the moon and make the best of each month.


Why do you want to know about Flying Stars Feng Shui?

Because it can help to:

  • Boost Wealth Opportunities by activating your Wealth Star.
  • Plan for the future by activating your Future Wealth Star!
  • Avoid complications by knowing how to avert unhelpful energy.
  • Promote good health by subduing the influences that can cause problems.
  • Enjoy smooth flowing energy all year by knowing how to enhance specific Qi/Chi in your spaces for optimum harmony.


Calculate your Birth Number (the 'how to' is in the free download ebook) and learn how to use it with the Annual & Monthly Charts to boost your health and happiness, then apply the same formula for anyone in your family or business.


Calendar and Chart Interpretations to the end of January 2020! 

Your Annual Influences Guide contains a 12 month calendar with important dates, lunar observations and a monthly summary of the influences you need to know about. All in one convenient file that you can have on your desktop or on your phone. 


To help you understand FSFS a little better, I've produced an ebook 'How to use The Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui', that explains the philosophy of Elemental Balancing. It's free with your purchase of the AIG. Select the ebook and add it to your cart, then use the code '5ELEMENTS' at Checkout to get it free.This was originally part of the Reference Pages in previous AIG's but it's been revamped and expanded! I hope you enjoy using this alongside your AIG 2019.

The 2019 Annual Influences Guide

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