Combining the aromatic properties of essential oils with the purest spring water, botanical extracts and energetically charged Crystal and Flower Essences, your Hydrating Essence Mist can be used as an intense burst of refreshment and skin food, to an emotional life-ring where and when needed. 


RADIANT allows your complexion shine magnificently with the power of pigment balancing and brightening Jasmine and Rose Geranium. MEM's in-house botanical Rosehip and Hibiscus Tincture delivers antioxidant goodness in a micro-fine spray. With Certified Organic Rose Hydrosol and Kakadu Plum Extract it delivers hydration, balancing and antioxdant protection.

Radiant Botanic Essence Mist

  • Purified Water, Grail Haven Pure Spring Water, *Rose Hydrosol, *Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Jasmine (Jasminus sambac) in Jojoba (Simmondsia chinesis), *Rosehip (Rosa canina) & *Hibiscus Tincture, *Kakadu Plum Extract, ‘Angelsword’ Australian Bush Flower Essence. *Certified Organic Ingredient

    Australian Bush Flower Essence of 'Angelsword' allows you to be truly YOU, 'no strings attached'. 'Angelsword' Bush Flower Essence may be helpful for those who experience themselves being pushed into situations, who find it difficult or uncomfortable to stand their ground during confrontations, and who give in to authority figures. It promotes the ability to stand in one's own power, without interference from outer sources. It helps to release unwanted, unhelpful and unbeneficial frequencies from the energy body. Perfect for work, school and group situations where you want who you really are to be the most present expression.



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