Raw Cacao Butter Rosettes

Raw Cacao Butter Rosettes


Raw Cacao Butter is a luxurious vegan botanical butter we can use in foods AND in making our natural bodycare products too. This is an Australian Certified Organic product. 

Cacao butter is made from cacao beans (Theobroma Cacao). They extract the creamy coloured vegetabel fat during the process of separating the cacao powder from bean. Raw Cacao Butter is not refined, bleached or deodorised and has a sweet, creamy, vanilla-like aroma.


It's perfect for applying to skin with a host of valuable oils, fats and other nutrients... and is naturally high in antioxidants that prevent it from going rancid, so your beautiful preparations will keep for a long time in a cool cupboard at home.


I've melted my original supply over a very low heat and poured it into rosette moulds for easy use measuring. Each rosette weighs approximately 4.7 to 5.2g.


A single pouch has approximately 50g - 9 to 10 rosettes


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