All you'll need to restore elasticity and relax tension in tired or irritated skin. This set encourages you to use the approach 'less is more' to help overwhelmed skin regain balance and strength. Suitable for inflammed conditions caused by sensitisation to mainstream products, contact dermatitis, stress related skin issues and over exposure to the elements.


SOOTHE Powdered Cleanser

SERENE Facial Oil

EVERYDAY EnviroProtection Lotion

Nurture and Soothe Skincare Set

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  • Make a weekly facial masque using a teaspoon of KAOLIN Clay, a teaspoon of SOOTHE Powdered Cleanser plus a few drops of SERENE. Mix to form a paste adding a few drops of water to loosen to the desired masque texture. Apply after cleansing and leave for about 10 minutes.

    Spritz with a Botanical Mist (QUIET aromatics work well with SOOTHE and SERENE so that the masque does not dry out. Rinse off with warm water and remove any residue with a wet facial cloth. 

    Follow with PANACEA or SERENE if needed.

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