Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Roller


Get your Gua Sha on with this beautiful **Rose Quartz gemstone roller ... perfect for calming and soothing the eye and jawline. This style of roller features a one piece connection (not soldered) and flanges to keep the roller centred. It's a superior design to ensure you get the best quality tool available.


Presented in a keepsafe cotton muslin bag.


A wonderful gift to yourself or someone you care about.Included is theGua Sha Guidebook, easily downloadable from the pictures above, or have a complete file sent direct to your email after purchase. Gua Sha Facial Massage can alleviate sinus congestion, muscular tension and work to stimulate a deep tissue detox at a cellular level and add the subtle energies associated with Crystal Therapy into this self-care ritual.


The intensity of directed massage using the Gua Sha gemstone tool can also help the skin layer re-adhere to the muscle layer below, assisting to establish a firmer skin tone, and reduce signs of premature aging. MEM recommends using a Facial Oil, All Purpose Aromatherapy Balm or Multipurpose Body Oil to help the tool glide smoothly over the skin and to assist in the treatment of any complexion issues.


Rose Quartz is known to provide calming layers of energy that soothe the Heart and promote loving emotion. It brings another aspect of true self-care to your skincare ritual.


**Please be aware that each natural Rose Quartz roller is unique and colours can range from pale whitish-pink, rosey pink or clear pink, with or without marble-like inclusions of white or brown.


Your roller is cleared with incense before being wrapped for you.

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