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Biodegradable Shimmer and Glitter Balm is real-natural, organic, botanic cruelty-free and vegan. In collaboration with Glitterazzi.me, the ONLY licensed BIOGLITTER seller in Australia, MEM has developed the only biodegradable glitter and shimmer balms in a base of certified organic ingredients on the market. 


Served to you in eco-conscious refillable tin packaging they will make your skin sparkle and shine, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how gentle the bioglitter is while the balm makes your skin oh-so-soft.


Each Balm has it's own fragrance personality...


'All That Glitters' - Effervescent Grapefruit and Bergamot are used to bring out the bright and sparkly side of our personality. They invite us to partake in life’s simpler, sweeter and more pleasure-inducing pastimes while being comfortable in the sparkly spotlight. Refreshing, abundant and uplifting.


'Silver' - Bulgarian Lavender and Peppermint. A super combination of the ultimate relaxant with the best stimulant. Both Lavender and Peppermint exert a calming effect on the nervous system (think invisible energy waves of wow) and relieve stressors to give you the tightrope walker’s cool. Brilliant, bright and balanced.


'Gold' - White Grapefruit and Bergamot to bring out the brighter sparkly side of our personality and invite us to partake in life’s simpler, sweeter and more pleasure-inducing pastimes. Refreshing, abundant and uplifting.


'Rose Gold' - Sweet Orange and Rose Geranium. The combination of rosey herbaceousness and delectable citrus brings peace to the weariest soul and satisfaction to the seeker. Reflective, calming and brightening.


'Mermaid Jade' - Cedarwood & Orange collects the forest and the orchard together transforming both into sparkling water-like beauty. Cedarwood is a transmitter of energetic frequency boosted by the intake of Orange aromatic. They’re a supercharged team of calm euphoria using beautiful illusion to distract reality fixations. Graceful, strong and right where you belong.


'Galaxy Kat' - Palmarosa & Ylang Ylang will have you gliding above the firmament and up into the ethers on wings of aromatics that encourage one to take off and explore. Sail away towards far-off lights in the universe, intrigued yet at ease. Expansive, calming and enthralling.


'Robot Radiance' - Lavender & Peppermint are this Robot's fragrance notes and it's a super-duo of the ultimate relaxant with the best stimulant. The combination exerts a calming effect on the nervous system (think invisible electric energy waves) and relieve stressors to give you a robot's radiance and cool. Brilliant, bright and balanced.


'Deep Ocean' - has it's very own fragrance personality; bright, beautiful and undeniable Bergamot. Bergamot enfolds one in swathes of cleansing healing, washing away a day, a year or a lifetime of worries in one cleansing deep ocean moment. Emerging, you are ready to shake out your wings and go wherever you please. Brilliant, elegant and powerful.


'All The Pinks' - Rose Geranium aromatics speak of what is soft, what nourishes on the spirit level; endogenous love, and gnosis in the deepest chambers of our hearts. Deep peacefulness wrapped in folds of green aromatics that induce a quiet happiness and glow. Receptive, empowered and magnificent.

BioGlitter Balms - plastic free glitter make up

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  • Designed for face applications but suitable for all areas, we suggest either gently swiping over skin or dabbing onto fingertips to apply.


    Do not ingest (however don't be concerned if you do accidentally, everything is natural and non-toxic). Store below 30C.


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