Scent Layering CALM & COOL Gift Set

Scent Layering CALM & COOL Gift Set

Expansive, fresh and feeling free. This aromatic story is all about reducing inflammation, irritations and getting back to being calm and in control once more. 


Calm & Cool BodyWash has the magic of Rutilated Quartz Crystal Essence (seeing the gold within everything) plus the frequency cleansing Eucalyptus and Spearmint aromatic duo. Twinkles BodyVelvet compliments that with Spearmint and Vanilla in a luscious base of Shea Butter. To top it all off, Peace Botanical Mist incorporates the gift of unique Fragonia essential oil (native Australian wildflower) and Lepidolite & Black Tourmaline Crystal Essence, that assists with reducing and detoxing from digital frequencies.


Individually wrapped and presented in a cotton drawstring bag. Just let me know if you need a message sent with this if it's going direct to recipient.



The Gift Set contains:

Powdered Bodywash 100ml recycled PET bottle

Peace Botanical Mist 100ml glass bottle

BodyVelvet 50ml tub

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