Scent Layering PEACE & QUIET Gift Set

Scent Layering PEACE & QUIET Gift Set

Drift into quiet contemplation and deep contentment with the ultimate calming set, suitable for sensitive skin and children. The soft pairing of Lavender and Calendula are the ultimate healers both physical and emotional. They relieve stress on the body and repair skin so they are perfect for everyday maintenance and to assist anyone who is building back their skin barrier function.  You can use all of these on face and body, even with babies, the formulations are that gentle. 


Peace & Quiet BodyWash contains this ultimate pairing along with SleepWell Flower Essence, a combination of Rescue Remedy and White Chestnut Essence that helps to quiet mind chatter and encourage a restful sleep. 


Quiet Botanical Mist has the 'hold my hand' duo of Lavender and Chamomile with Angelsword Flower Essence that helps to unthread energetic ties and allow you to fully step into your own power.


AngelWings MultiPurpose Oil is a super gentle combination of Vanilla infused Jojoba, Calendula infused Olive Oil and moisturising Camellia Seed Oil. It can be used as an oil cleanser for very sensitive/dry skin conditions and as an all over body moisturiser to use after cleansing.


Individually wrapped and presented in a cotton drawstring bag. Just let me know if you need a message sent with this if it's going direct to recipient.


The MAXI GiftSet contains:

Powdered Body Wash 100ml recycled PET shaker bottle 

Multipurpose Body Oil 100ml glass bottle

Botanical Mist 100ml glass bottle 


The MINI GiftSet contains:

Powdered Body Wash 100ml recycled PET shaker bottle 

Multipurpose Body Oil 30ml glass bottle

Botanical Mist 30ml glass bottle 

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