A sweet gift for anyone who loves to take the time to breathe and be, or knows someone who needs a gentle reminder to do this.

All of MEM's herbal teas made from scratch using only Certified Organic ingredients. They add that little extra to self care that can instigate positive change. Flower and Crystal Essences just add another dimension to this with their own specific healing qualities.

Using a metal tea infuser changes the appreciation of any teas, removing the background taste of paper or polypropelene bags and just giving you the true taste of these natural ingredients. These stainless steel Star shaped closures are easy to use and simple to clean. Plus... cute! ;)


Choose from any of the Flower or Crystal Essences on the website, and match them with any of the Herbal Tea blends.


For more information about each product please visit the listings.

You save 10%+ on all curated Gift Sets.

Absolutely botanical and synthetic free.

Microbatch made, with love, in Australia.

Please leave a message at Checkout if you would like a personal note included with your hamper.


Tea & Essence Mini Hamper

  • Use your herbal tea and essence as a rejuvenating facial steam.


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