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Prepare yourself for the best skin ever this summer season. Make everyday environmental protection easy, safe and gorgeous to do with Magic Earth Mumma's micro-batch, plant-based, synthetic-free products that work for you and your skin.

Find out all you need to know about Safe Suncare on the Journal here.

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MEM rarely does 'sales' anymore. Instead, I invite you to enjoy a special offer or two each month. There are always specials and discounted offers available all year round with Gift Sets. You can save on your skincare, perfumery and gifts with Magic Earth Mumma everyday, all year long.

MEM Subscribers will also receive special offers via a few emails per month. These can be free samples, product launch deals and other kinds of gifts from me to you. All you have to do is Subscribe, and open the email when it arrives.

Subscribe and receive $10 *off your first order

Available to all new Subscribers, your unique code is able to be used for orders on all products and services. 

*on orders $25 or above

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Earn 'MEM Gems' with every purchase

A new Rewards program for those who want to dip into Magic Earth Mumma's range of pure botanical goodness and earn discounts on future purchases. Simply sign up to the website and you'll start earning with your next order.

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Gift Sets

Always on sale, all year round, with 10% or more discounted and complimentary gift wrapping or boxing. Never miss out on a good deal for your skincare, bodycare or perfumery gifting, and if you need a special note sent direct with your order just ask.

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Skincare Your Way

Consultations designed as a shortcut for anyone wanting to find out about Holistic Skincare, botanical products and safe personal care. Skip or opt out of, the long way round; the endless label reading, the hours of research, the expense in time, money and emotions, and enjoy skincare that works. 


Each Skincare Your Way recipient receives a lifetime 15% discount code to use on any product or service whenever they want. They can use this with Gift Sets to achieve an ever greater saving, anytime.