Works like magic for all anxiety and stress related imbalances. A soft woody-floral scent with a Vanilla infused Jojoba base and grounding resinous notes from Rosewood and Vetiver.


One of my earliest blends that I first called 'Sleepytime NOW'. With a little tweak to the recipe it became 'Abracadabra' because it just seemed to work 'like magic' for me and for everyone who tried it.  A beautiful relaxing blend for parents to have on hand (for themselves and their family), that can assist with anxiety related issues and it makes a magic ritual to establish as a pulse point dabbing oil for adults & children at bedtime.


Creates feelings of peacefulness & confidence
Soft floral & deep resin
Reduces anxiety & restlessness. Soothes inflammation 
Grounding and centering 
Suitable for direct topical application. Not suitable for diffusers.
Calming, Anti-depressant, Sedative, Antibacterial, Deodorant, Nervine (calms nervous system), Cicatrisant (forms scar tissue), Vulnerary (wound healing).

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  • Ingredients:

    *Vanilla Bean (Vanilla planifolia) in *Jojoba (Simmondsia chinesis), Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) and *Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) essential oils. *Certified Organic

  • How to use:

    Topically -

    It makes a perfect 'baby bath drops' option instead of using any detergent on an infant. Just 3 drops in a baby bath. No need to rinse off, just wrap bubba in a cloth. (also look at 'Nurture' blend)


    Yes, you can apply it to a child's skin directly but always do a patch test in case there is a reaction. We all react uniquely to essential oils and blends. Simply wipe a tiny amount of oil onto the inside of the wrist and wait for a few minutes and up to 6 hours. If any irritation occurs rinse under cold water and pat dry.


    Use as a first aid pulse point oil for panic attacks, tantrums, overwhelm and exhaustion. Apply to the wrists, at the collarbones, behind the ears and at the temples, then inhale deeply. Use the Wand to write words of peace, or draw symbols of beauty, onto the skin which is a deeply relaxing activity. 

    Apply one drop to the fontanel (soft area of the skull), or behind the ears of baby (or toddler) for swift calming.

    TIP! : For 'colic' or wind pain, apply 3 to 5 drops to a warm dampl washer and lay over baby's abdomen with your hand on top to keep it warm. With firm but gentle clockwise movements, massage the abdomen till baby calms. Alternatively, dab some on the hollow of your neck between your collarbones, and allow the vapours to envelope bubby while you cuddle them.

    Apply as a skin remedy for blotchiness, 'angry' skin issues and windburn. Just a few drops onto damp skin and gently massage in.

  • FAQ:

    Is this a pure essential oil blend?

    No, this is an Aromatherapy Blend Dilution which is pure essential oil blends partially diluted into a carrier oil. MEM uses Certified Organic Jojoba or Coconut Oil (fractionated). 


    Can I use it in a diffuser?

    No. Not suitable for diffusers. You can use this in a vapouriser/burner, but it is best suited as a topical application because of the Jojoba carrier oil that is used to make the Vanilla Bean maceration. 


    Is it suitable for children?

    Yes. Can be used by infants, children, adults and the elderly.

  • Reviews:

    "I LOVE this oil! I wear it as a perfume during the day and it has been very helpful while dealing with situations of all kinds. At night I put it onto S's wrists and we breathe it in together to help her relax. She has been sleeping so well. Thankyou!" Christine

  • Samples:

    Sample bottles are approximately 3ml of oil in an amber glass bottle with dropper cap closure. They can be used to refill the 2ml bottles in the MINIS COLLECTION.

    Sample solid balms are presented on a square of glassine paper in a glassine envelope with seal. They should be kept away from heat and light and used within a few weeks of receiving as they are not in an airtight container.


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