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Yes, you can make your own products.

You can take control and responsibility for your health one step at a time, gaining experience and confidence with complimentary medicine and purely natural therapies. All it takes is education, a little practice and patience. 

Magic Earth Mumma began out of necessity to find personal care products completely free of synthetic preservatives, colours, fragrances and additives of any description. In the process of my personal research, I developed products absolutely free of synthetics, and, using self preserving ingredients in formulations that would stand up to everyday use.

Now I can offer you some of the 'basics' so you can make simple skincare and personal care products using easy to obtain ingredients. The booklets also offer a wealth of information, suggestions and advice for anyone wishing to do their own research. Ebooks download instantly to your chosen email address.



I have had such a wonderful response to the ebook SKINCARE BASICS that it was obvious a workshop would be the best way to help people gain skills and experience making their own products at home. Working in a group encourages questions and observational conversation, which in turn encourages faster learning.

Workshops are designed to be casual, comfortable presentations in a private space. All we need is a kitchen bench, table or outdoor space that's undercover. Access to power and running water is necessary.

They are available as a virtual session but it works a lot better in person (as does most hands on learning).



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