Thankyou to everyone who has sent in feedback, suggestions and testimonials. I appreciate each and every one of your messages. If you would like to leave feedback, present a suggestion or ask a question about any products please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Blessing Restorative Salve in a white opal jar with gold lid and natural Citrine crystals

“I am yet to encounter a person or product that says 'I love you and everything is going to be okay' as profoundly as Blessing. It never fails to deliver at the end of long and challenging days and transport you to a better place. Thanks so much @thebotanicroom for introducing me to @magicearthmumma and thank you @magicearthmumma for building me a skincare regime so perfectly suited to be through the Skin Care Your Way package. My skin and I have never looked back.” J-L

“I LOVE Magic Earth Mumma’s products, they are delicious and lush and they work. I recently bought her Blessings botanical perfume and I adore it. It’s a very different experience to most perfumes, it’s subtle, it’s warm, and it’s doing me good” Pip 

Veritas Regenerative Serum in a glass cloche with crystals

“Little update. LOVE veritas. Never in a million years would thought I’d spend $90 on a skin care product but this is so so so worth every cent ♥️”Jenner B

I’ve been still using Veritas and here is my feedback: I just love it! It’s the best facial oil ever!!! It is perfect for my sensitive skin. If my skin feels itchy, dry or tense I use a drop or two and my face feels instantly refreshed, soft and smooth. The best thing is: I feel younger as well! What a perfect oil! I do hope it lasts forever…The crazy thing was this morning I wanted to use it but then thought it was empty. I was sooo shocked and nearly devastated… crazy…. . Luckily there was still a bit left… ;) :) " Lis

Magic Earth Mumma Perfume potion bottle, Tea Silk Salve and mini mortar and pestle

“Hi Janette,

More than happy to give feedback as I love everything that you do!!

As someone with sensitive skin I am so happy that absolutely nothing you have irritates my skin at all. It never strips anything away, but always gives my skin whatever it needs.

The website is great as the descriptions of the products are so detailed you know exactly what you’re getting each time.

Checkout is easy and delivery is quick and easy too!

I have gotten my mum and boyfriend onto the products too and friends who I have given gifts to recently said they need to reorder with you.

I also love the samples as it is a great way to try new products!

Many thanks,” Caroline W

Tea Silk Brightening Salve in a white jar with gold lid.

“I just wanted to thank you for having such a positive influence on my skin over the past year. From snow wind burn gone in an evening thanks to tea silk, to rashes settling in minutes from rescue balm, compliments from everyone on the scent of solar balm, etc... I’m glad you do what you do. I always enjoy making an order every few months as it feels like having regular doses of luxury!” Ellen

“Absolutely love my natural, organic skin care from Nette at MEM. Simply beautiful products that work!”  Julie B  

“Amazing products that are good for the mind, body and soul. Customer service is excellent and orders arrive promptly. Highly recommend Magic Earth Mumma.” Jode W

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