Switching over to purely natural products can be daunting for some. For others it's exactly what they've been looking for. Read some of the many testimonials from MEM's customers who are enjoying the use of everyday products made with love and attention, that are naturally cruelty-free and awesome :)

"This amazing water activated facial cleanser is infused with crystal essences, botanicals, essential oils, and is the most deliciously smelling cleanser I've ever tried." Rhiannon

"I really want to give you feedback on your cleansing powder, I have like most people been using either a gel or cream cleanser most of my life and I very nearly didn't purchase yours as (a) I couldn't get my head around how it worked and (B) I thought it would make such a mess of my bathroom sink lol, so I wanted and need to tell you that it is the most mess free and easy to use cleanser that gives the best results I have ever used and I love how the skin doesn't feel stripped at the end. ... your products are amazing!" Caroline

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 "I'm loving your tinted solar balm right now - as a fair skinned red head finding a sun protection solution that actually works is no easy task. Your solar balm, however, is ticking every box." Lani


"We have been using the solar balm this week at the beach and it's been so awesome". Rebecca


"I am loving wearing my #solarbalm It's silky smooth & smells divine too!" Julie


"Love love love it!!!!!!! Despite what it looks like in the tube, it goes on invisible to my tanned baby's as well as my fair babies (and me). Worked a treat at baseball yesterday." Amber

Naturally Cruelty-free

Committed to Clean Beauty

No excess packaging

Soapfree Skincare Specialist

Magic Earth Mumma is an Australian owned and operated business,

using ethically produced ingredients that are completely natural and organic.

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