Why is Magic Earth Mumma different?

All MEM's formulations are uniquely synthetic free, soap-free and naturally cruelty-free. They are made with botanical ingredients combined with powders, oils and other active ingredient bases to provide you with a purely natural product. Microbatch handcrafted means many products are made to order, or packaged to order, from small preparation quantities that are regularly produced. Freshly formulated botanicals are the best way of knowing you are receiving the highest quality components of each beautiful, organic ingredient.

Why don’t you use synthetics?
All synthetic ingredients are produced within laboratories and must undergo safety testing which includes animal testing. It doesn't matter if the source is petroleum, fungi, animal or waste crops, the product or compound made in the lab must be, by law, tested on animals to determine safety and effectiveness. MEM’s production ethos is to respect all life and do no harm and this cannot be adhered to if synthetics are incorporated. By removing the use of synthetically produced, ‘botanic equivalent’ ingredients, or excessively processed extractions and compounds, MEM can assure you that the products you use are truly cruelty free. Instead, MEM uses fresh, pure, organic-botanic, whole ingredients so the vibrational/energetic integrity of the end products are maintained. Synthetics can be benign or problematic. Some pass straight through our system, some are metabolised and cause no issues, others however accumulate and are thought to contribute to a wide range of health issues. Simply put, we can do without them and find healthier, safer alternatives from nature.

Are MEM products Certified Organic?
Obtaining Certified Organic status for each individual product is cost prohibitive for a small business like MEM, so instead I choose to invest in supporting the certified organic industries by purchasing as much Certified Organic ingredients for my formulations as possible. Labels clearly show which ingredients are certified organic, wild-harvested or wild-grown.

How do MEM products help my skin?
Using pure active ingredients helps to avoid useless filler (which is a waste of money for the purchaser) and helps to improve skin quickly and naturally. This is because the active ingredients are blended within the formulation at concentrations higher than mass produced items that often contain vast amounts of filler ingredients. With MEM, every ingredient is there to do a job and be an active / important / vital part of the blend. In addition, MEM has a Holistic Skincare philosophy which maintains that the skin you're in reflects the health of the body it encases. You'll find many complimentary products like certified organic teas, crystal and flower essences and food-for-thought material in ARTICLES about how to live a less toxic, more nourishing life.

Why is MEM completely soap-free?
Soap or soap-like products (surfactants) strip oils from your skin and they do not discriminate. Good oils and dirt all go down the drain when you use a soap and they leave skin dry, unprotected and vulnerable to a shock reaction that can bring on the overproduction of oil or access for bacteria to deeper layers of skin. Cleansers disrupt the amazing, complex and protective biome of our upper skin layers (the stratum corneum). A good cleanser will be made using oils that nourish and cleanse at the same time; sometimes with particles that do more intensive cleansing or a binding agent like clay or botanical powder that draws out impurities gently but effectively. Those with very oily skin will be happy to find that this method is far better for improving and often eliminating oily skin conditions…and those with very dry skin will rejoice at finding a cleansing solution that does not exacerbate their condition but nourishes and provides a protective layer.

You won’t know until you give it a go! 

Traditionally made soap can also be made using animal by-products. Mainstream soap manufacture routinely uses synthetic fragrances and colours produced from petro-chemicals, which unfortunately can still be labelled as ‘natural’. Using an oil + powder cleanser eliminates the use of any surfactant (soap) that can potentially harbour synthetic, animal by-product (excluding honey or beeswax) or harsh ingredients. MEM’s absolutely soap-free range means there is no chance of synthetic contamination in the form of fragrances, colours or preservatives and minimal chance of anyone having any irritation. Soap free cleansing leaves skin fresh and clean, toxin-free, soft and supple, with a delicate layer of botanical protection. Skin is softly scented by natural ingredients and the essential oils used in the blend. MEM is also proud to offer essential oil free blends to those who need extra care.

How effective are MEM products?
The way each product works for each individual will vary on many levels and because of many different factors. Some clients find they have overnight success while others can see general improvement from consistent use. For the most part this is down to the amount of toxin present (in the individual and in other products they use routinely), the condition present and the reasonable expectations clients have. It is important to remember that the use of purely natural product will be benefiting your health by assisting you to naturally detox without the added burden of synthetic toxins entering your body via the skin.

Where are MEM products made?

All MEM products are blended by hand, bottled, labelled and packaged here in Australia. I am also the primary Product Developer for MEM and other niche enterprises, formulating ingredients to produce purely natural skincare and perfumery for other Australian businesses. I am a 100% Australian made & owned business using ethically obtained ingredients from Australian suppliers, that are either local to SE Queensland, Australian and imported ingredients.

What about preservatives for all-natural products?
MEM uses a proprietary botanical blend of essential oils and alcohol tinctures to act as a preservative in some formulations, but because most of my products are free from water I avoid the need to use synthetic preservative at all as the ingredients themselves act as powerful antioxidants (self-preserving ingredients like Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and some essential oils). In some formulations where Aloe Vera juice, water or Hydrosol is present, the need for a botanical or mineral preservative is used. MEM products may contain preservatives like a Certified Organic fractionated (distilled) product of Almonds, cosmetic grade Colloidal Silver (1000x the standard) and Radish Root Ferment. Stabilisers and antioxidants like Citric Acid and Grapefruit Extract also help to maintain the freshness and potency of all natural botanical products. While it is more expensive to use these kinds of preservatives and stabilisers, it is better for you than a cheaper compound, like a paraben which is a skin irritant, or a PEG compound from petroleum which is a suspect carcinogen. (If you'd like to find out more about hazardous ingredients used routinely in mainstream personal care products, please click here)

How long will my products keep for?
Skin and Body products have a general shelf life of 6 – 9 months with perfumes having a longer life of up to 12 months and beyond if stored correctly. When I use such beautiful botanical ingredients I really want to obtain the maximum potency by using fresh formulations. Pure botanical compounds begin to degrade unless kept in cool conditions away from direct sunlight, and after 12 months won’t be as effective as when first blended. When you see ‘pure & natural’ products with a shelf life of well over 12 months then they may have some kind of synthetic preservative included, especially if they are water based formulations (there are some safe an natural water preservative compounds like Radish Root Ferment, Colloidal Silver and certain botanical tinctures to name a few). When you have to use a product with synthetic preservative you end up with the toxic load of that component. I feel this reduces the healing frequency of the active ingredients and will mean that your skin is absorbing a toxin. MEM does not use any synthetic preservative preferring to make skincare to order (especially in the case of water based formulations) or packaged to order. Some formulations that are extremely stable, like balms and salves, are produced in regular batches.

How do I store my products to keep them in their best condition?
It is very easy to take great care of your natural products -  
•    Store all-natural products away from heat and light. Preferably under 30C.
•    Avoid getting water or other contaminants into the pots, jars and bottles by using a spatula, spoon or applicator provided and capping them tightly to maintain freshness. 
•    Use them up completely before the use by date (usually within six months of purchase), unless they have been refrigerated in which case you could probably get up to an extra 3 months using them.  

What do I do if I have a reaction to a product?
Everyone will react differently to products for varying reasons. If you have a reaction to using a product rinse the area under cool water and discontinue use. Reactions happen for a number of reasons, for example, it could be reacting with another product you use before applying MEM’s product, or a medication you are taking.  I want you to be totally happy with your purchase and encourage you to speak with me before selecting a product if you have skin sensitivities or a defined health issue. As a handcrafter I cannot offer a refund simply because a product is not suitable for you. However if a product is possibly faulty or arrives and there is something wrong with it, please contact me within 24hrs of delivery to access as solution.

Is MEM cruelty-free?
Yes. MEM has never and will never test any product on animals and does not purchase ingredients that have been tested on animals. I am able to avoid this by using a majority botanical and food grade quality ingredients, and by avoiding synthetic ingredients (which by law have to be tested on animals). Cruelty to me is not only in regard to animal exploitation but also human exploitation. MEM presents products with the highest quality energetic vibration and that means avoiding the possible exploitation of all living beings. For that reason I purchase from suppliers that are Fair Trade accredited. I do not purchase a logo to identify my ethics. My ingredients lists speak for themselves. My products are cruelty free and the ingredients they are made from are cruelty free. 🐇🐒🐁🐕🤍

Can MEM products be used on babies and those with sensitive skin?
Yes. MEM was founded on the need for pure, gentle skincare that could be used on babies, children and the elderly too. If you are unsure of a product's potency or volatility, please Contact me via the website before placing your order so you can be assured you are choosing wisely. Alternatively, there are a selection of suitable products on the 'Mother & Baby | Sensitive' page for you to choose from. Each formulation is designed to deliver enough active botanical ingredients to ‘do the job’ by nourishing, cleansing, healing and protecting the skin without any harsh additives or unnecessary fillers that can potentially cause reactions or irritation. If you have very specific requirements, MEM offers a custom made options.

Does MEM offer wholesale?
Yes. MEM is able to create and manufacture products in larger quantities.

MOQ's (Minimum Order Quantities) start as low as 50 units. 

I create tailored product packages for organisations, corporations, fund raising events, health professionals, salons and spas.

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