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Magic Earth Mumma’s Privacy Policy

Rather than dazzle you with a formulated template, let’s lay this out plainly.

The website host I use will collect certain information from you as you browse and use this website. 

I, Jannette Tibbs, owner operator of and, am not responsible for the kind of content collected and used by the website host. Your continuation of use on this platform is your agreement to these conditions.

I do not collect any personal information, nor do I share any personal information derived from purchases you make through the website, conversations we have on social media or via your account on this website. I feel that such activity would be disrespectful and everyone deserves to keep their details sovereign. If I want to use a message from you as a testimonial or review, I will request this first from you directly (verbally or via email/messages), or use the quote without revealing your identity.

I want you to enjoy using the website and offered features and will endeavour to protect your privacy to my best ability. 
If you feel you will need to use an alias with your Account Information, or on the Forum, please do so. 

That’s about it…we could go on but that would just be a lot of jargon we can live without right?

Blessings, Nette




Code of Conduct - for Earth Magic Activation Forum


Members agree to display respect, kindness and grace towards each other. 
Any low-level behaviour will be assessed and measures taken to remedy and rectify the situation. We would all rather this not happen at all. If you feel triggered by certain topics please make that clear in your communications. I encourage Members to respect sensitivities. Thankyou.
We are here to share knowledge and reach for solutions to implement that will benefit everyone.
Resist impulse responses and allow yourself to go gently towards answers. Reflect. Review and then please share your questions and tips. 
This forum specifically deals with questions regarding Holistic Feng Shui which weaves more Western concepts in with the authentic Flying Stars Feng Shui theory. It is not heavy on the Eastern superstitious Feng Shui but respects that vein of the study as being culturally rich and integral part of the river of information that is Feng Shui theory.
Feng Shui is a complex and ancient school of observation. 
Nothing is ‘wrong’, there have just been different pathways towards solutions.
Practice kindness and grace with yourself and towards others. Thankyou.

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