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You are a light source


Inner [within/inside] genic [producing]


This is it. The one truth of self healing that isn't spoken about enough.

We aren't separate from the energy of the universe around us, we are intrinsicaly entwined with it. Our body produces vast amounts of energy that we don't consciously perceive, but it's happening all the time. Every cell in your body is creating an electrical charge. Every breath you take drives an internal, physiological engine that creates heat. Our 'endogenous' (produced within the body) light and heat. This heat is observable with infrared cameras, so we know it can be measured, but here's the thing, if you start to talk to people about self healing and endogenous energy useage, manipulation and and direction, they usually think you're talking about 'faith healing', which I am not.

I call it 'Innergenics'.

I'm describing your body's ability to heal itself into perfection.


Wouldn't it be incredible if we could harness technology as well as traditional therapeutic methods, that enhanced this natural process...


Using your inner light

Have you noticed that some people light up when they speak with you, or about a topic they're passionate about? Why does that happen?

The connection between emotions and our physiology has been studied in depth and we are now equipped with proof that emotions, hormones, energy production and healing are all connected. Amazing right? ;) Just like ancient texts from Ayuveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, cultural healing practices from all over the Earth and Western Herbalism have all been espousing.

Health IS holistic.

Everything IS connected.

You CAN heal yourself.

Real health has always been about humanity having the tools, mindset, environment and nutrtition to enable our body to function as it is intended. Traditionally this was done by eating a basic; seasonal and unprocessed food, clean water and tonic herbs, along with each culture's unique and personal connection to the environment they lived in. Adaptogenic and tonic herbs were food, and medicine, being consumed as part of the overall diet. These kinds of herbs contain innate organic intelligence that works within the biome to produce homeostasis...optimum health balance.

The tools have evolved

Perfectly, things come together at exactly the right time. I've been constructing the protocol of 'Innergenics' using Crystal Elixir therapy with directed meditation and just knew I wanted to compliment it with 'something else'. At first I thought this would be a supplement choice, but as I was generating the idea of a course/consultation to launch, an opportunity presented itself.

A tiny little thing.

Something that I hadn't considered.

A gift of perfect timing,ingenuity and application.

Nontoxic, easy to use, suitable for almost everyone. 

Like really?! Like, YES! ;)

So for everyone who I have done consultations with, you know I value meditative rituals for selfcare and long term health improvement. You also know I am legitimately endorsing protocols and practical tools that I know have worked for me, and my clients. But there's always the situation where someone really struggles with applying the techniques into their lifestyle. They may forget supplement, herb/tonic or essence use, be unable to get support for time management to integrate a selfcare ritual, or find meditation difficult.

I have more than once (a million times) wished that I could offer these people a simpler way... and now I can.

The most magical part of this is that it's using cutting edge tech to deliver what a collection of traditional medicine does. I've been involved with adaptogenic and tonic herbalism with mineral enhancement and crystal therapy for nearly two decades, ... and now here it is, combined into a simple, wearable, patch. 

Abstract Crystal Burst

Enhanced Healing

With every modality of healing comes a time frame.

When we use natural therapies we see that to gauge effectiveness we'll need at least a month of use for our biome to adjust and begin or extend the process of healing. Within a season we notice 'change'.

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