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Create a product,
create an income stream.

Microbatch manufacturing helps you start small and reap big rewards, for you, and the planet.

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Bring your ideas into Being
Microbatch manufacturing helps you start small and reap big rewards, for you, and the planet.

Deep Green Formulation

Skincare products
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Janette has worked in health & wellness for the best part of the last two decades, formulating products for herself and other businesses. In that time she has seen a lot of change in the personal care industry, primarily the increased focus on supporting local and national brands over mass-produced international mega-brands.

The shift towards localised production provides an opportunity for smaller businesses to drive the industry with ecologically sound practices that benefit everyone.


Her mission is to empower people with simple strategies for creating great health, through making easy choices that serve a brighter future for everyone.

Product Development doesn't have to cost the earth, literally.


Janette's approach is unique (and unconventional) as she specialises in absolutely synthetic free formulation, in sustainable sized manufacturing, that avoids waste and maximises return.


You can be a part of this new wave in the personal care industry.


With your ideas and her know how, get that product, or range, on the shelves or on your website, and start selling the solution.

As the demand for clean beauty products continues to rise globally, now is the time to action your ideas and become a localised option for safe, ecological and effective solutions.

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What's my expected return?

This really depends upon the ingredients chosen and formulation's level of complexity. We get to talk over everything, and you are kept informed of cost margins from beginning to finalisation of the formulation.

Most formulations will come in with between a 75% to 125% margin. 

How much does it cost?

The average cost to develop a formulation from scratch varies. An approximate cost is probably less than you think and will save you an enormous amount of time. 

As a general outlook, a basic product may cost under $1000 to bring into being; that includes three iterations sent to you with consultation regarding ingredients, texture, packaging suggestions and more. 

Product Stress Testing (PST) is also advised, and can be completed in house at MEM's workshop. This involves a further fee to be discussed depending on the length of testing and the complexity of the formulation. It is strongly recommended you put any new product through PST to gain feedback for shelf-life, shipping tolerance and packaging suitability.

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Growth of the personal care industry online has undergone an incredible boost over the last two years because of the restrictive measures placed upon society since 2019. Closure of commercial bricks and mortar businesses funnelled opportunity online and with it came the challenges of distribution. Adapting to change creates wealth in more ways than one. It can free up time, alleviate stress and birth a new way of life. 

Being a local source of clean beauty has become even more attractive than ever before. Localised distribution is less risky, and your customers can enjoy the benefit of buying from someone in their community, be that locally or nationally. It feels good because it is good.

Growth demand for the personal care product industry is forecast to rise to over $15 billion by 2025 (BusinessWire, Sept. 10, 2021). Skincare is becoming the new personal care, with products being multi-tasked and versatile in application. Consistently, Skincare alone has grown 40% per year (, while make-up cosmetics have plateaued. But Organic Skincare is projected to reach a whopping $25 billion plus by 2025 (GrandViewResearch, April 2019). 

Workplace and lifestyle stress has driven consumer demand for calming products that solve the problem of stress related skin issues without the side effects common to products containing petroleum-chemical derivatives, artificial fragrances and preservatives. Pure, natural, botanical, synthetic free options are in front by a mile when it comes to giving relief without side effects.

That’s investment opportunity, and it can be your main income or your safety net. Setting up a small selection or a full range and marketing it well can create financial stress relief, especially if someone else is doing most of the hard work; making product for you, with ecologically conscious ideals that we all need to embrace, so we can be part of a better future. Be confident that you are promoting a beneficial alternative and creating wealth in ways that benefits our planet and your future too. 


What do you make? 
(What can you make for me? What can we create?)

Salves, Rubs & Waterless Gels

Soft and gentle, a salve is usually a lighter form of cream and used as a vehicle for specific aromatherapy uses including muscle massages, dermatitis treatments and vapour rubs.

Facial Treatment Masques

Powdered or ready-to-use formulations, anything is possible. These can be stand alone treatments or part of a weekly routine included in a skincare regime layout.

Face & Body Moisturisers

A necessity for any range. Whether you want a cream, lotion or whipped body butter, a moisturizer is a staple for many. Customize a recipe to align with desired texture, function and outcome.

Cleansers & Washes

Powdered or liquid, an aromatic cleanser with benefits of being absolutely synthetic free is not to be underestimated.


& Oil Blends

Therapeutic oil blends can be full strength Aromatherapy or dilutions for massage, moisturising or mists. Bring your ideas and experiences and let's create something amazing.

Q: Do you make Perfumes for other people?

A: YES! Assistance with perfumery can save you YEARS of work, as well as expenditure on ingredients. This is offered as both formulation and mentoring.