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Formulation Services

Hi, I'm Nette

I've a passion for aromatics, botanical magic, mineral alchemy and pure, clean personal care products. Deep Green Formulation is my niche; creating without the use of synthetic ingredients. Product Development and or Mentoring in this way enables manufacturing with a genuine cruelty free ethos.

Let me help you create a product or range to suit your salon, business, group, club or company. Contract Manufacturing on a small batch scale ensures less wastage in development, and ongoing production is focused on quality and freshness. Large scale manufacturing can not compare to the individualism, care and attention a small batch maker can give your products.

MOQ's (minimum order quantity) are manageable and scalable to suit your requirements. 

Fund raising and event batches are welcome. Have one of MEM's products packaged with custom labels for your event.

Find out more about Formulation Services in the section below, or send me a message so I can reply with an information pack.

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What Clients Say

Product Development

I specialise in taking care of you from the initial concept through the formulation construction phase, all the way through to the end product(s). MEM can help you with creating all kinds of personal care items using versions of my formulations or absolutely unique recipes. I concentrate on the quality of your formulation as well as the profit outcome, guiding you through ingredients choices, suppliers, packaging, labelling requirements and more.

Deep Green Formulation

Today's personal care products are mostly mass produced with largely unregulated ingredients. The ethos of Deep Green Formulation is one of kindness to ourselves, and our planet. First and foremost is the use of botanical alternatives for synthetically producted preservatives and removing useless filler ingredients. Read more on this here...

Contract Manufacturing

Choose to have small batches of product manufactured at MEM's workshop and delivered direct to your clients or a private address. Once your Product Development is completed MEM also offers you the ability to have small scale manufacturing during your initial launches and pitch process, saving you the massive outlay for inflated MOQ's that larger firms will demand. MEM's low MOQ's also work for small businesses, clubs, and fundraising events. 


I've been tutoring students in botanical alchemy for years and absolutely love the connection that working with someone, or a small group, brings into my life. Mentoring can look like a fortnightly or monthly meet up (in person or remotely) with tasks to complete in between sessions, or if you are needing to move quickly we can schedule a weekly session contract. 

If you’d like more information about services offerred, contact me today.

As the demand for clean beauty products continues to rise globally, now is the time to action your ideas and become a localised option for safe, ecological and effective solutions.


Natalie, Kinder-Life, Brisbane, Queensland.

I invested in a year’s long journey with @magicearthmumma, so grateful for this woman and her support and I can’t wait to start sharing my own unique creations.

What can we make?


Cleansers, Masques (facial masks for all conditions) Conditioners/Toners, Moisturisers (Creams, Lotions, Salves, Balms), Mists.


Scrubs, Soaks, Moisturisers (Body Butter, Lotion, Cream), Body Oils (Multipurpose, Treatment or Aromatic), Deodorant (balms, oils, lotions or mists), Muscle Rubs/Massage Lotions, Hair & Scalp (Oils and Mists).


Perfume Oils, Eau de Parfum, Cologne, Body Mists, Perfume Balms (solid perfume with beeswax or botanical wax), Enfluerage Pommade, Aromatherapy Blends (therapeutic and household use)


Highlighter Creams and Balms, Lip Balms (Gloss, Tints, Shimmers), Eye Shadow, Contour Powders.


Toothpaste, Tooth Powder, Mouthwash, Breath Freshener Mists, Oil Pulling Blends (whitening and detoxing).

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What kind of return can I expect?

This really depends upon the ingredients chosen and formulation's level of complexity. We get to talk over everything, and you are kept informed of cost margins from beginning to finalisation of the formulation.
Most formulations will come in with between a 75% to 125% margin so you can offset packaging and distribution costs. 

How much will it cost?

The average cost to develop a formulation from scratch varies. An approximate cost is probably less than you think and will save you an enormous amount of time. 

As a general outlook, a basic product may cost under $1500 to bring into being; that includes three iterations sent to you with consultation regarding ingredients, texture, packaging suggestions and more. 

What's the shelf life?

Shelf life (estimated storage time before opening) varies according to the product formulation. We aim to achieve at least 12 months to 24 months, with and advised usage of approximately 6 months after opening (this varies on the product)


Product Stress Testing (PST) is always advised, and can be completed in house at MEM's workshop. This involves a further fees due to the length of time required for testing, the complexity of the formulation and potential for extra preservatives, antimicrobials etc., to be suggested for use. It is strongly recommended you put any new product through PST to gain feedback for shelf-life, shipping tolerance and packaging suitability.

Deep Green Formulation is the Future

Growth of personal care

Growth of the personal care industry online has undergone an incredible boost over the last few years. Because of the restrictive measures placed upon society from 2019 to 2022, the closure of commercial bricks and mortar businesses funnelled opportunity online and with it came the challenges of wide scale yet individualised distribution. People had to change the way they shopped. Online consumerism exploded like never before due to supply chain issues, and it got the consumer to question where and how they were buying. Adapting to change creates wealth in more ways than one. It can bring into being a new way of doing things. With that comes the opportunity to take advantage of a continually growing and evolving industry that is perfectly suited to small scale production and distribution. 

Being a local source of clean personal care products has become even more attractive than ever before. Localised distribution is less risky, and your customers can enjoy the benefit of buying from someone in their community, be that locally or nationally. It feels good because it is good.

Growth demand for the personal care product industry was forecast to rise to over $15 billion by 2025 (BusinessWire, Sept. 10, 2021). Skincare is becoming the new personal care, with products being multi-tasked and versatile in application. Consistently, Skincare alone has grown 40% per year (, while make-up cosmetics have plateaued. But Organic Skincare is projected to reach a whopping $25 billion plus by 2025 (GrandViewResearch, April 2019). 

Workplace and lifestyle stress has driven consumer demand for calming products that solve the problem of stress related skin issues without the side effects common to products containing petroleum-chemical derivatives, artificial fragrances and preservatives. Pure, natural, botanical, synthetic free options are in front by a mile when it comes to giving relief without side effects.

That’s investment opportunity, and it can be your main earner, extra income stream, or your safety net. Setting up a small selection, or a full range, and marketing it well can create financial stress relief, especially if someone else is doing most of the work for you; making and packaging product, with ecologically conscious ideals that we all need to embrace, so we can be part of a better future. Be confident that you are promoting a beneficial alternative and creating wealth in ways that benefit our planet and your future too. 

Book a free Info Session

Product Development Info Sessions are free. I need to know if I can work with you as much as you need to know if the way I work suits your plans, ... so let's chat.

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