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Transform your skin

Introducing the newest range from Magic Earth Mumma, a skincare regime to evolve with your needs. Soft, gentle, nutrient dense, and light to use.  Vegan, botanical magic, handcrafted in Queensland, Australia.

Receive a free sample of the unreleased 'WaterLight' Cologne Body Mist, with every purchase from the Metamorphosis range. Limited time offer.

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Plant Mirror Reflection

Welcome to purely natural holistic skincare & perfumery, handmade in Queensland.

Magic Earth Mumma uses effective, vital, botanical ingredients that are naturally cruelty free, so you relax and enjoy nourishing personal care, without the toxin load...

This is how real-scent, kind beauty and what your skin really wants can help you feel nourished, appreciated and supported naturally.

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Thankyou for choosing to support yourself with real natural...

Support for You

Short courses and personal consultations to encourage evolution(s) and transformation(s). Take a look at how support can help you achieve your goals.



Ready to buy, freshly made skincare, indulgent perfumery, versatile aromatherapy and more.

Unique Formulations

Have tailormade formulations made for you or your business, or have me show you how with personal mentoring.

Help to

create Harmony

Use Holistic Feng Shui strategies to manifest, and maintain, health, wealth and happiness in all Life Aspects.

Welcome in the new year with some shimmering bodycare.
All of the BodyVelvet Moisturising Creams are on sale till the end of February!
Protect and nourish your skin during our harshest weather, and look shimmeringly fabulous. The addition of cruelty free mica creates a subtle sheen and luminosity.
Be smooth. Be soft.
Be gorgeously aromatic and just a lil'bit sparkly :) 

All sizes, all styles are now 20% off.
No code required.

BodyVelvet is now available in new biodegradable packaging with an exciting new styles and scents!
Choose from the unscented and shimmer free original BodyVelvet, or indulge in aromatics + cruelty free mica in the new formulations of shimmering body moisturisers. 
Whipped botanical butters, oils and extracts, lightly scented with diluted pure essential oils.
Simply divine self-care must-haves. Soft, smooth, supple, nourished, lightly scented skin all day and night.