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Be comfortable in your own skin.
Feel confident showing your true face.
Know that your indulgences are beneficial without toxic side effects.
Be at peace knowing that the products you're using are safe and ethically made.

Welcome to everyday eco-luxe beauty

100% synthetic-free formulations.

Fuss free skincare that works,

botanically powered personal care

and luxurious, aromatic, indulgences.

The explanation for using toxin-free products is more common sense than it ever needs to be...

Applying toxic compounds everyday from personal care products creates a collection of toxins that your body must deal with. Our natural detox processes consume energy, and overloading it with extra toxins overloads your capacity to detox them, which leaves you with less energy for Life. 


Added to that is the complication that many synthetic toxins accumulate in the body and cause chronic health issues, both short term and long term.

The solution?

Eliminate toxic ingredients and you'll eliminate toxin effects.

See? It's that simple. 

Common sense, it's a thing...

It's not just green beauty... it's Deep Green Formulation.

It's not your regular natural perfume, it's real botanical perfume.

Synthetic free. Cruelty free. Microbatch made in Australia.

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Janette Tibbs,
Founder & Owner of Magic Earth Mumma.

Thankyou for your interest in real natural, synthetic-free and cruelty-free, microbatch products. 


If you've been looking for an easy way to incorporate ecologically responsible, planet-conscious products into your life, then you're in the right place to begin, or continue, being a superhero for your future self. Choosing clean, green, concentrated products that you use less of, that last longer, helps to naturally and simply reduce packaging, water waste, and carbon emissions. 

By supporting a small business that uses Certified Organic and Fair Trade ingredients, you are encouraging a chain of sustainability that impacts our planet in a beneficial way. Your purchase supports individuals and communities, to continue using safe and ecologically sound agricultural and manufacturing practices.


Products made in small quantities, with high standards of sourcing ingredients and little or no second handling, ensures you are supporting an artisan, heart-led venture, which inherently carries a lighter carbon footprint, and high quality vibrational energy.

It's these invisible threads that connect you, me, them and everyone on the planet, in a web of conscious choice, understanding that what we do today impacts upon everyone's tomorrow.


"... thank you so much for getting orders out so quickly, I have been loving working my way through your store."


"Hey Nette, thank you so much, you have been a dream to work with."


"Thank you for sending [my order] off so quickly for [my Mum] & for making products with such authentic love and care."