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A new era of real natural;
botanical, kind & clean.
Here and now...

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann


Transform your skin

Introducing the newest range from Magic Earth Mumma, a skincare regime to evolve with your needs. Soft, gentle, nutrient dense, and light to use.  Vegan, botanical magic, handcrafted in Queensland, Australia.

Receive a free sample of the unreleased 'WaterLight' Cologne Body Mist, with every purchase from the Metamorphosis range. Limited time offer.

C of the U sample 2021_edited.jpg

Real scent, straight up. Always hand made in microbatches.
No synthetics...ever.


"Your creations are incredible.  I wish you were the norm and big companies using toxic ingredients didn’t exist. What a magical world it would be." 


"I invested in a year’s long journey with @magicearthmumma, so grateful for this woman and her support and I can’t wait to start sharing my own unique creations."


"Your expertise has been so helpful over the years. The way you explain Feng Shui and put it in context for a modern day home and business is a breath of fresh air."

Leonie & David

"I've noticed that when I use MEM products they seem to have a kind of 'buzz' to them. Not just the beautiful aromatics (they are lovely) but the way I feel is so different too."


Made with intention.
Made with purpose.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
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