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move closer to nature

Welcome to purely natural holistic skincare & perfumery, handmade in Queensland.

Magic Earth Mumma uses effective, vital, botanical ingredients that are naturally cruelty free, so you relax and enjoy nourishing personal care, without the toxin load...

This is how real-scent, kind beauty and what your skin really wants can help you feel nourished, appreciated and supported naturally.

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AngelWings MPO
from $21

All over body and facial care, suitable for sensitive skin and babies.

Hand Shadow

Soften and receive natural bodycare that nurtures, soothes and protects.

Naturally cruelty-free. Botanically powered personal care, and luxurious, aromatic, indulgences. 
Made fresh in micro-batches. Synthetic-free, minimalist formulations. Fuss-free skincare that works. Safe for all the family.

Everyday Eco-Luxury

"Your creations are incredible.  I wish you were the norm and big companies using toxic ingredients didn’t exist. What a magical world it would be." Cate

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