A tension relief formulation that will help during the pre-menstrual aches and inflammation. It can also be used as a sleep therapy / sleep training aide for those with acute muscular pain or insomnia.

Because these herbs are all in some way either uterine stimulants or emmenogogues, it should never be taken by anyone pregnant or attempting to conceive.


For pre-menstrual tension, dysmenorrhea (painful cramps and heavy flow) and general abdominal or lower back pain during menstruation, take a cup of this brew before bed each night the week before you are due to bleed. Continue this during the heavy flow days. (Use Divine Green in the mornings to encourage energy flow and purification).

For general muscular aches take a brew at night before bed, or during the day after any driving/machinery obligations have been completed. It encourages a peaceful sleep and deep muscle relaxation. Never mix it with pharmaceutical analgesics (painkillers).


The ingredients have all been chosen for their anti-spasmodic and or sedative effects on the body, mind and emotions.

  • Yarrow, also referred to as Milfoil, is a master hormone balancer and has legendary abilities in folklore for womens' health. Its effect is ‘accumulative’, meaning that you will benefit more from taking this regularly rather than sporadically.
  • Passionflower is the herbal nightcap you'll enjoy. Sleepybliss. I find this is necessary for reducing the lower back pain and to stop mental stress.
  • Chamomile is there because it is a master calmative for emotions, mental state, digestive system and skin too.
  • Lemonbalm, also known as 'Melissa Leaf', is a marvelous nervous system tonic and brings a lightness to the blend. One of its folkoric names is 'cure-all' indicating just how important it is to support the nervous system as a weblike structure that connects so much of our immune system response.
  • Rosemary and Vervain, used in small amounts aide in supporting the immune system during a time when the body is taxed due to menses, exhaustion or injury. 
  • Nettle Leaf is specifically to address the loss of iron during menses, and with its tonic effect, it helps to  support the immune system by supporting the function of the liver and kidneys. Because it is rich in magnesium it aides the natural metabolism and absorption of iron, and aides in muscular relaxation. High in Vitamin C, chlorophyll, potassium and other trace minerals it works wonders on purfiying blood and in turn can be very useful to prevent skin breakouts prior and during your period. Yay!😃 


I recommend trying a sample to gauge how this works for you.


Presented in a kraft Bio-bag with tie (biodegradable, compostable) or foil lined ziplock pouch (recyclable)

* Always consult your health care professional if you think any medication you are on might interfere (or interact) with the therapeutic properties of the ingredients of this blend *

BLISS & FLOW Herbal Tea Blend

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  • *Passionflower, *Yarrow, *Blessed Thistle, *Lemonbalm, *Chamomile Flowers, *Nettle, *Rosemary, *Vervain, *Sage. *Certified Organic. 

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