Wholesale & Product Development
Interested in stocking Magic Earth Mumma's range of synthetic free skincare and perfumery? Or perhaps you want to have unique products created. MEM is a Microbatch Product Developer and Formulator which is a perfect fit for boutiques and salons.

Whether you are searching for a truly natural-botanical label to stock, or interested in having a unique product (or full range) formulated for your business, I enjoy the process of working with like minds and would love to speak with you.

Contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can with more details about Wholesale MOQ's.

I'm grateful for the support of stockists, clients and customers
and sincerely value the connections made via the work I do.
Magic Earth Mumma is honoured to be a part of the following businesses...

Kinder Life (formerly Kindred Toxin Free Facials) - Brisbane, Qld.

The Aussie Mystic Beauty - Melbourne, Vic.

The Functional Skin Studio - Brisbane, Qld.

- Melbourne, Vic.

Soul Searching Reflexology - Brisbane, Qld.


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microbatch formulations

MEM is not just small batch, it’s micro batch.

Each blend, potion or balm is produced with

conscious, directed intention.

I source, formulate, blend, bottle, cure, label and wrap every single item in my range with love and attention. This is done so that you discover the magic of self connection; nurtured on all levels of your Being, blessed by the highest vibrational energy available.


simple rituals

Lovingly taking care of You radiates out into your life and into the world.

Acts of care and appreciation performed regularly, with heart connection, conscious attention and high quality energy, become the invisible web of energetic support that creates positive change and lasting good health.

Kindness, beyond measure, given to yourself, is a gift to everyone who comes into contact with you. That is Kind Beauty and it is part of the philosophy of Holistic Practice.

real natural

When it comes to natural products, at MEM this means there are never any petrochemicals or derivatives used in any formulations and each ingredient is ethically sourced as direct from nature as possible. This practice ensures a naturally cruelty free product. You will not find any toxins like parabens or similar harsh chemicals in any of the products, as I believe they simply do not belong in our personal care items.


ingredients & ethos

MEM utilizes the best Mother Nature has to offer in the form of pure botanicals woven with crystal and flower essences, and the heartfelt consciousness of holistic philosophy, using energetic imprinting techniques within the production of each batch. Because MEM's products are made using nutrient dense components, they do not contain filler ingredients, meaning you use less per application, which provides better value and ultimately uses less packaging. Clever huh?

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People & Place
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"Jingeri Jimbelung" (Hello friend)

MEM HQ is nestled into an area where the Scenic Rim, Gold Coast and Logan areas conjoin (Bundjalung country). The Logan and Albert Rivers join to become the Twin Rivers flowing out to Moreton Bay (Quandamooka country). Living here on country that is Yugambeh traditional land is an honour. The stories and connections to this place are treasures beyond measure and my family and I show our respect by acknowledging the original custodians of this land.

When I first came here I experienced the most magical sight of three eagles hovering over the mountain top in front of my new home; hanging in the sky on the updraft, like a welcoming party. This happened days and days in a row, at that fairytale hour around 3pm when the leaves sparkle in the afternoon sun all along the mountain...It became a kind of tradition to walk out there around that time, de-stress/relax and look for the eagles. I marvelled at these Wedge Tail's incredible size and their majestic frequency. These dudes had 'vibe'.


In Yugumbeh tradition, seeing three eagles together like this is a sign that ‘good things are coming’. I enjoy a peacefulness to life here that I feel is coming from the place itself. The mountains embrace our home. The sea whispers cool breezes our way. The deep springs feed the land. So much gratitude flows from my spirit to this place and the beauty it shows me every day.


In the years to come those eagles have flown so close we have been able to see their golden under-feathers and be struck dumb by their powerful energy. No words needed (but we sometimes squeal a bit). Apex predator magic is big medicine and we as a family all feel a connection to these beautiful animals. My eldest daughter became a bit of an ‘eagle whisperer’, whistling at them to make them curious enough to glide closer to us. We still get excited whenever they visit.


May we all learn from the places we inhabit...


Professional Path Wanderer