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Created with Consciousness
My studies into herbalism, aromatherapy, energy healing and vibrational modalities  merged and evolved into the business I now run, creating pure botanical formulations for personal care. However, it was my experiences throughout life, not my academic and esoteric studies, that provided me with what was required to manifest the offering that became Magic Earth Mumma.

I am humbled and empowered to be living this aromatic life, filled with vibrant beauty from nature. Life for me has become a constant celebration of glowing with vitality once more, which comes from the connection I have to each and every ingredient, and the satisfaction of following the ignition of an idea to the end product.


Eco-luxe Manifestation
Reclaiming the magnificence of purely botanical personal care rippled out into every facet of my life. My health, my sense of self, the face I went out into the world with; everything about me evolved towards a truer version of Me as I immersed myself in the wonder that is plant and mineral magic. I have been infusing botanicals with crystal frequencies from the very beginning of my formulation journey as and instinctual process. It’s this attention to conception and production, with the highest available vibration, that I hope you feel in each and every blend.


A Path of Light
When I experienced pronounced health challenges during my teens and early twenties I realized that the life I was leading was converse to what my inherent wisdom was telling me to do. Being shown a path and walking it are two vastly different realities, and though the mountain looked far too steep to climb, I started the journey of healing from toxins, both tangible and intangible.


Physical healing took dedicated study and experimentation to educate myself about living well, avoiding poisons and reclaiming my right to magnificent health. Through all of that I discovered that I could be gentle and strong. I could be firm and strict about what I required, and compassionate and understanding about my inner needs. This coupled with the onset of parenthood opened my heart to seeing the world in a way that I had been conditioned to ignore or dismiss. Those moments of conscious sovereignty felt like being torn apart and being put back together as a better version of myself. There is intense drama in being torn apart; it's epic for everyone and for everyone it happens uniquely.


The silver lining is that you never see Life the same way again, and perhaps, there is an episode of stark clarity that requires time for adjustment, but for me that is an acceptable part of awakening.


Crystallizing the Vision
About a decade after first beginning that journey I started Magic Earth Mumma in 2012, with just a few items that I had come to rely on. 
•    Soap-free and synthetic-free skincare that was naturally cruelty-free. 
•    Flower and Crystal Essences that spoke to the matrix of Self that lead to mental, spiritual and emotional progression. 
•    And all botanical perfumery to immerse myself in nature’s messages. 


Aromatics are my life. It's how I interact with the world, but I'd been cut off from the most pure and potent forms for so long. The return is similar to someone returning to eating clean food. There are so many light bulbs that turn on (!), you wonder how you ever saw anything in the darkness beforehand. It was the step upwards + forwards in my existence and I felt a powerful desire to share it. 


Magic Earth Mumma is presented as a potential for change in your life. To empower you with choices that enhance your experience, respect the earth and connect you with the vast well of beauty all around you and within you.


Infuse your existence with pure botanical fragrances, aromatic personal care and the magical potions intentionally created to restore you to your core resonance. Perfect. Whole. Complete.





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