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Nourishing, protective, plant based suncare with broad spectrum mineral protection, that helps to
prevent sunburn, premature ageing
and accumulative damage. 

This is one topic I am UBER passionate about. Why ANY synthetics are in our protective products, that are known skin irritants and/or carcinogenic compounds, completely confounds  and shocks me. To think that I was using the mainstream stuff on myself, and my babies, makes me cringe. I had questions, and when I found the answers I was angry, then driven to make something better!

Questions you may have about sun protection products answered....

Q: How do sunscreens work and what is the difference between a chemical sunscreen and a mineral sunscreen?

Q: Why is it that sunscreens rely on chemicals to protect you against the sun but when tested for their SPF rating they are only measuring the amount of UVB rays deflected?

Q: Why are only two chemical sunscreens passed as 'safe' (but not GRAS 'generally regarded as safe') for cosmetic use by the EWG when there are approximately a dozen in use (and more available for use) in commercial products all over the world?

Read all the answers and more at this link here.

And if you're interested in how to build up natural sun protection, pop over and read this article on the Journal.

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