Restocked with the new 'fleck-free' formulation, this is smoother but with the same robust recipe to see you through a hike outdoors, gardening, playing at the park, swimming or a big bodysurf session :)


Helps to prevent sunburn, nourish and protect the skin when outdoors in direct sunlight and exposed to the elements.

Helps to reduce skin damage and premature aging caused by over exposure to the sun's rays.

Lightly tinted with Cacao Powder to take the edge of the 'white' effect that zinc sticks can have. This particular blend is virtually invisible when applied to light and lightly tanned skin (even though the product looks dark).


100% Botanic and Organic. Vegan. Naturally Cruelty-free.

Skin nourishing ingredients. Synthetic-free!

The ocean-friendly formula is biodegradable. (ie: it won't harm the fishies in the sea, rivers, dams or creeks)


MEM's Solar Balm is a mess free solid lotion that you swipe on and blend in, wiping over the skin till you can barely notice it's there. You only need a light coating to get protection. 


This totally natural suncare/sunprotection balm is developed using non-nano Zinc Powder and now the recipe is boosted with Helichrysum Italicum Oil which helps our skin to heal from exposure to our bright Australian sun. The solid lotion is safe for use on bubs, kids, adults, everyone. (just make sure babies can't lick or suck or any part where the Solar Balm has been applied)


It's botanical wax component means it is a vegan, naturally cruelty-free, and waterproof; which was a neccessity with my family that enjoys surfbeach days where there is a lot of diving and swimming (re-apply if you've wiped your face with a towel after coming out of the sea). 


I use this on my neck, decoletage, forearms and the back of my hands when driving for long periods of time.


All of the ingredients are certified organic or purely natural. The non-nano Zinc Powder is a pure grade that reflects UVA and UVB rays from the sun. It is safe to use when in a lotion or cream as it will sit on the surface of the skin and do it's job. (Please read the 'Caution' section for more information)


Please note that MEM's Solar Lotion or Balm is not SPF rated. I trial my products on willing humans with the outcome of a 25mins+ no-burn time. However, the BEST sun protection is thick-weave clothing and a hat. Never rely upon any lotion or cream to protect you for more than 25mins in direct sunlight.


Store in a cool place away from direct heat and light.


NB: if you're magnificently hirsute, swipe on EVERYDAY SOLARBALM to your palms warming it to a more liquid lotion, then 'press' it onto your skin.  Wash your hands with water and/or wipe palms with a soft cloth. OR, you can now choose EVERYDAY ENVIRO PROTECTION Tinted Day Lotion.

Everyday Solar Balm Tinted

  • Apply a light swipe of lotion to the face (ears too), neck (front and back), chest, arms, and anywhere that you haven't covered with clothing.

    Reapply after towelling down from swimming or sweating.


    To remove use warm water and a soft cloth.


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