Treat Your Feet FootSpa Gift Set

Treat Your Feet FootSpa Gift Set

A real treat for hard working feet. Symbolically our feet take us through life. They can be associated with the ignition energy, lightning, purpose, direction and empowerment. Look after them...


This Gift Set is for anyone who is on their feet all day or all night, or all day and night (parents/carers).

Sweet relief and justified attention for your feet, ankles and calves, and a reset for your senses.


The concept is simple...

  • Dissolve the relaxing 'SAVED' Bath Salts in a tub of luke-warm water and soak your feet for about 15 minutes.
  • Slough off any spent skin and calluses using the Pumice Stone. 
  • Soak the loofah pad in luke-warm water until it is softened. Then gently exfoliate the lower leg, ankles, heels, soles and toes.
  • Clean up any cracks or caluses with the rougher sisal (rope) scrubber on the loofah pad.
  • Rinse feet and lower legs under cool water.
  • Pat dry and apply TWINKLES BodyVelvet to feet, ankles and calves to make them soft, supple and cool.


You save 10%+ on all curated Gift Sets.

Absolutely botanical and synthetic free.

Absolutely soap free and naturally cruelty free.

Microbatch made, with love, in Australia.

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