Clarity Botanic Essence Mist

Clarity Botanic Essence Mist


Combining the aromatic properties of essential oils with the purest spring water, botanical extracts and energetically charged Crystal and Flower Essences, your Hydrating Essence Mist can be used as an intense burst of refreshment and skin food, to an emotional life-ring where and when needed. 


The gorgeously 'clean' signature from the Jasmine Green Tea Tincture clarifies and brightens the skin tone. Balancing Geranium, cleansing Tea Tree with the extra boost from MEM's Crystal Essence of 'Elestial on Citrine with Black Tourmaline' to ground and balance.

  • Ingredients:

    Ingredients:  Purified Water, *Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), *Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), Jasmine Green Tea Tincture, *Botanical Glycerine, 'Elestial on Citrine with Black Tourmaline' Crystal Essence, *Witch Hazel Hydrosol *Certified Organic Ingredient


    'Elestial on Citrine with Black Tourmaline' is one of MEM's inhouse Crystal Essence preparations. Useful for those who are affected by modern day interferences of electrical technology and need to bring back the connection to the planetary frequency. It helps to feel secure, protected and aligned. "Assists to ground the energy body, providing stability for the mental and emotional processes. Helps to provide a connection to inherent abilities." Read more about this essence here.

  • How to use:

    A super fine spray of pure aromatherapy to drench your skin in moisture and lift your spirits. Use it anytime for a quick and refreshing aromatic burst.  Use with your Facial Cleansing Powder to loosen the paste, or to spray on after cleansing and before applying your Facial Oil to gently tone and condition your skin.  Made fresh to order using pure and certified organic essential oil, botanical infusions and flower essences.

  • Why should you use a Facial Mist?

    A facial mist is a skin conditioner and replaces the kinds of 'toners' we may be used to. It helps to balance acidity, deliver nutrients and increase hydration which protects the skin, and reduces pore size too.

    When our skin is cool and conditioned it has a more even skin tone which helps you look naturally radiant, reducing redness and soothing any irritation.


    MEM Hydrating Essence Mists are made using the purest ingredients starting with alkalised and purified water, organic hydrosols, in-house botanical tinctures and high quality essential oils. The use of diluted astringents helps to promote a smooth complexion by refining pore size. The botanical ingredients infuse the skin with essential minerals and protect it with a layer of antioxidants that assist us to cope with environmental pollution of all kinds.


    Mists are also preparation for the application of your Facial Oil, waterless moisturiser, balm or treatment Serum, as they ready the skin for maximum uptake of nutrients.


    Premature aging occurs from lack of hydration and nutrients so the use of a Facial Mist can be your best defense against dry or dehydrated skin.


    Have one for your desk, one for your bag and one for your bathroom at home. They are great for traveling and dealing with the drying effects of air conditioned spaces. Keep one in the fridge at home during hot weather for an instant emotional boost and to treat any signs of heat fatigue, sunburn or stress.


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