This beautiful Rose Quartz teardrop shaped pendant vial holds a tiny amount of perfume to be used as a personal aromatic diffuser or vessel to store your daily anointing oil. Wear it close to your Heart to amplify Love, frequencies of compassion, forgiveness and kindness.


The  closure naturally allows a little oil to seep through the thread creating a gentle, personal fragrant 'zone' to radiate from the pendant. Each gemstone's inclusions and patterns make it the unique little Being it is. 


Or use as a mini potion bottle and anoint your wrists regularly. 


Included is a 2ml Botanic Organic Perfume sample, descriptive information cards and micro-pipette for filling.


Leave your choice of perfume noted in the required field. Presented in a soft touch gift pouch and ready to gift. A gift card with personal message can be individually printed if this is being sent direct to recipient (please leave details in the Comments section at Checkout).


The pendant provides a sensory attraction/distraction as it's so tactile you can use it as a touchstone/talisman for times of concentration, to restore emotional balance and bring you back to Being Here Now.


At approximately 21mm long, and weighing approximately 25g (with long chain) this pendant remains light to wear even when filled. 


Cleared and cleansed with incense and directed Reiki before being packaged and sent.


Placed on a 70cm gold tone stainless steel chain (lead free) that is suitable for sensitive skin.


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Rose Quartz Personal Diffuser Pendant Perfume Gift Set

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  • Rose Quartz is Heart energy. It can help to heal, radiate and increase the frequency of your beauty, compassion, forgiveness and the delight you find in your Self, your Life and others, as well as the world around you.

    Wear it to strengthen the chest, lungs, heart and other vital organs.

    Feel the gentle encouragement of its vibration to be comfortably empowered in who you are, to listen with respect to those in need, and to find the energy to move through any kind of trauma; Past, Present or Future.

  • Clean with warm water and mild soap. Pat dry with a soft cloth.

    Polish only with a jewellery cloth.

    Energetically cleanse with incense or moonlight whenever you feel the need to. 

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