A delicious brew to enhance your everyday. Naturally sweet and energetically fortifying, Aswagandah Root is an adaptogen helping to regulate functions by improving sleep quality and daytime stamina. (It's in Mumma's herbal blend for this very reason because it can assist people who are 'always on call' with their work or home-life)


Liquorice Root is a marvelous life-assistant with its qualities of being an anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, helping to relieve muscular tension and spasms. It's also beneficial as an adrenal agent, which in today's world just about everyone needs help with! Added to that its ability to protect mucus membranes and calm irritation and it a wonderful herb to take if you are prone to, or suffering from any kind of respiratory weakness.


Delicously Cardamom Pod laces in an aromatically uplifing layer to assist with digestion and promote fresh breath. It is also used because of its ability to relieve mental fatigue and soothe nervous system strain. (hello motherhood/parenthood)


Add to cacao drinks or other herbal powder drinks to boost stamina during the waking hours and as a flavour enhancer for other herbal blends that may be a tad 'bitter'. Pop it into a chamomile tea to improve the flavour of a sleepytime mix like Bliss & Flow


A concentrated version (instructions below) is also perfect for those who are recovering from illness, especially respiratory infections, as it helps to relieve inflammation and promote balanced energy levels.





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SWEET DEVI Herbal Blend

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  • *Ashwagandha Root, *Liquorice Root, *Cardamom Pod. *Certified Organic Ingredient


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