Calming and emotionally soothing tea with a magical blue hue. Relaxing rose, cardamom and hints of apple invite you to stop, and take a moment.


Generally regarded as an all-over revitaliser, calmative and 'beauty enhancer' by activating antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and reduce free radical damage which in turn reduces the appearance of premature aging or damaged skin. The anthocyanins (that blue hue) work alongside flavonoid and phenolic constituents to promote collagen synthesisation and promote elasticity. So yes, do use this as part of your Home-Spa beauty treatments as a cool compress for inflamed, tired or damaged skin conditions.


Butterfly Pea is a flower with natural blue colour that has been used in East Asian countries forever. It's used as a dye but also for the anti-inflammatory benefits (associated with plants that have this 'blue hue'). In cultural references it's used to treat everyting from greying hair, poor eyesight and fever, to frigidity, menstrual issues and mental fatigue! I can't see a downside in adding this to anyone's intake 😊 Add to that the deliciousness of Rose Petals, Apple Pieces and Cardamom Pod and quite literally you have a heavenly blue drink.


  • Add a slice of lemon and watch the colour change to a bright violet as Blue Butterfly Pea reacts to the pH level (acidity).
  • Add to gin or vodka cocktails for a colourful botanic twist, and mocktails with a little fizz so you can have a pretty bubbly without the alcohol.
  • To make a sweet version, add a small amount of natural Vanilla Extract.
  • This blend can also be used to colour cake icing, or sugared/candied to garnish desserts.


Presented in a kraft Bio-bag with tie (biodegradable, compostable) or foil lined ziplock pouch (recyclable)



* Always consult your health care professional if you think any medication you are on might interfere (or interact) with the therapeutic properties of the ingredients of this blend *




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SAPPHIRE CHAI Herbal Tea Blend

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  • *Butterfly Pea Flowers, *Rose Petals, *Apple Pieces *Cardamom. *Certified Organic


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