DIVINE GREEEN Herbal Tea Blend

DIVINE GREEEN Herbal Tea Blend


Get that boost of energy, antioxidants and immune system supporting herbal oomph in one shot. Green Tea is used to reduce premature aging caused by everyday pollutants and toxins. The incredible aroma of Jasmine scented Green Tea with Rose Petals and Vanilla is something you will look forward to getting up early to enjoy!

Green Tea may be helpful for those wishing to lose weight and gain extra energy during the day. Use only in the morning and at lunch as it contains readily absorbable caffeine in a low dose. (if you are not used to caffeine, it will keep you awake)

Add this to juices and smoothies for a fragrant boost. My children have always loved this as a watered down drink. I love it as my 'morning motivator' secret (well, it's not so secret now) potion. A beautiful addition as a daily ritual for all women with reproductive and urinary tract assistance of Organic Rose Petals, and the balsamic warmth of Vanilla. For non-make-up-wearing folk like me it works beautifully as a spritz in an atomiser for the day. Get one of those water bottles with the atomisers on top and you're set!

Delicious on the tastebuds and amazingly good for the body.

Presented in a kraft Bio-bag with tie (biodegradable, compostable) or foil lined ziplock pouch (recyclable)




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  • Ingredients:

    *Green Tea Leaves (Camellia sinesis, scented with Jasmine blossoms), *Rose Petals, chopped *Vanilla Pod.  *Certified Organic

  • Directions:

    Pour half a cup of nearly boiled, or boiled and cooled, water over one level teaspoon of tea blend. Leave to infuse for 5mins. Strain and add cool, pure water or an ice cube or two.  Can be re-infused to brew for a second cup. Chill any remaining tea for a refreshing drink within 24hrs or make tea-bomb ice cubes.

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  • Reviews

    "This is the only thing that's made a difference to my skin AND my health. I don't know how I'd live without it now. It's also great value for money because I use a pinch of it in my infuser bottle and just refill it with water when needed. Delicious." Belinda


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