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Deep Green Formulation is the Future

Updated: Jul 5

Growth of the personal care industry online has undergone an incredible boost over the last few years. Because of the restrictive measures placed upon society from 2019 to 2022, the closure of commercial bricks and mortar businesses funnelled opportunity online and with it came the challenges of wide scale yet individualised distribution. People had to change the way they shopped. Online consumerism exploded like never before due to supply chain issues, and it got the consumer to question where and how they were buying. Adapting to change creates wealth in more ways than one. It can bring into being a new way of doing things. With that comes the opportunity to take advantage of a continually growing and evolving industry that is perfectly suited to small scale production and distribution. 

Being a local source of clean personal care products has become even more attractive than ever before. Localised distribution is less risky, and your customers can enjoy the benefit of buying from someone in their community, be that locally or nationally. It feels good because it is good.

I began my second business during the pregnancy of my third child and grew it while my fourth child was a toddler, then expanded during a time when most businesses were shutting down. Never say never! Product Development, Contract Manufacturing and Mentoring are now my professions, and it's all because of my passion for real natural and the journey of finding my purpose. My range of selfcare and personal care products has grown from a handful of items to an inventory of over 100 formulations. I supply to small businesses in Australia and O/S and am honoured to work with some very sparkly individuals in the industry. It is possible to do this while you are working or involved in bringing up a family, but it's going to be a whole lot easier for you than it was for me ;)

Growth demand for the personal care product industry was forecast to rise to over $15 billion by 2025 (BusinessWire, Sept. 10, 2021). Skincare is becoming the new personal care, with products being multi-tasked and versatile in application. This is where brands like Magic Earth Mumma will shine because it is the basis of real natural formulation. Consistently, Skincare alone has grown 40% per year (, while make-up cosmetics have plateaued. But Organic Skincare is projected to reach a whopping $25 billion plus by 2025 (GrandViewResearch, April 2019). 

Workplace and lifestyle stress has driven consumer demand for calming products that solve the problem of stress related skin issues without the side effects common to products containing petroleum-chemical derivatives, artificial fragrances and preservatives. Pure, natural, botanical, synthetic free options are in front by a mile when it comes to giving relief without side effects.

That’s investment opportunity, and it can be your main earner, extra income stream, or your safety net. Setting up a small selection, or a full range, and marketing it well can create financial stress relief, especially if someone else is doing most of the work for you; making and packaging product, with ecologically conscious ideals that we all need to embrace, so we can be part of a better future. Be confident that you are promoting a beneficial alternative and creating wealth in ways that benefit our planet and your future too.

Product Development Info Sessions are free. I need to know if I can work with you as much as you need to know if the way I work suits your plans, ... so let's chat.



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