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Into the blue...calming irritated skin

Updated: Jul 4

What is it about the colour blue that makes us feel calm?

In studies on colour therapy, it was found that the spectrum of blue hues can induce a sense of calmness, reduce anxiety, increase feelings of serenity, tranquility and also decrease body temperature. It is considered a healing hue along with greens.

When we are dealing with servere irritation in the form of dermatitis (ANY form of dermatitis) we are dealing with inflammation. The body's innate knowledge swells the area with fluid to help reduce toxins in the cells, but when there is an overload of toxins the skin is overwhelmed. That's when the inflammation can turn into Peri Oral and Occular Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and all the 'itis' we don't want.

I usually to look to nature when I am searching for a solution. The 'blue spectrum' in nature also includes the greens, as blue is a necessary component of green and forms the 'bridge' to yellow/gold. We know that spending time among trees (forest bathing), or near a vast body of water, will promote well-being. It has a kind of 'reset button' action on our nervous system, and as the body is a beautiful complexity of connection and reception, our nervous system is responsible for the myriad of messages going to and fro in our physiology. It affects our thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, metabolism, hormones, and of course, our skin.

Blue hues in the natural world are actually rare. Some blue pigments found in plants are Anthocyanins, which are responsible for colours ranging from red all the way to blue, depending on the acidic structure of the plant. Chamazulene is a blue hue obtained from distilling certain flowers like Artemesia (Wormwood), Blue Chamomile, Blue Tansy and the beautiful Yarrow, for their essential oil, using the derivative of compounds called sesquiterpenes.

Green hues are from the chlorophyll content, and this is a powerhouse store of energy, purification and nutrition. Mix the green with the blue and you get something kinda special!

Layer it on

My choice for the blue hue was Blue Chamomile as it has an aromatic that suited one of my products that I had previously developed for calming and repairing skin, Blessing Salve.

Blue Chamomile has high amounts of Chamazulene, and Bisabolol, the component know for its rapid healing ability on all kinds of wounds or infections. Naturally antimicrobial it is very suitable for irritated skin conditions like peri-oral dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other inflammatory episodes. Grounding and 'floating' is how I describe this oil. Its signature is one of fluidity with grace which it generously imparts to skin helping to relax dermal and subdermal layers.

Blessing Salve was originally a rich cream imbued with the skin loving aromatics of Frankincense, Rose, Helichrysum (Immortelle), Sandalwood, Rose Geranium, Palmarosa and Patchouli. It was a client fave for many, many years. It returns with everything that was loved about it, and a little more... yep, the blue hue gifted by a generous amount of Blue Chamomile. As a highly concentrated product it only requires a small amount for each application.  

Underneath the layer of Blessing Salve you can boost your hydration and repair with SkinDew Serum. Certified Organic Blue Butterfly Pea infused Neroli & Rose Hydrosol provides that beautiful violet blue hue. The blue pigment is rich in anthocyanins which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. This base infusion is high in skin conditioning assistance from Green Tea Extract, and Australian Kakadu Plum Extract, plus other skin healers like Colloidal Silver and Hyaluronic Acid/Sodium Hyaluronate, Honeysuckle Extract and Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir.

Drink it in

You can imbue blue-violet into your daily intake with botanical infusions like Blue Butterfly Pea. Rich in anythocyanins this delicate flavoured flower can be paired with anti-oxidant botanicals like Peppermint, Green Tea, and Rose Petals, or digestive aids like Vanilla and Cardamom, to produce something that cools, calms, purifies and beautifies from within. Sapphire Blush and L'aimant tea blends both contain this blue hue which you can change to more of a purple violet hue using something acidic like lemon, lime or orange peel or juice.

Cooling and calming from within (systemically) and from the outside (topically) with beautiful botanicals is a perfect way of creating a gentle holistic approach to healing. So enjoy a little blue spectrum therapy with the calming qualities of this healing hue.

Spray it about

Yes, use blue-indigo-violet in your spaces and skincare routine with an Essence Mist.

UltraViolet uses the natural colour of the Blue Butterfly Pea and Colloidal Silver to create a violet hued liquid, boosted with Cacoxenite in Amethyst Crystal Elixir and complimented with a Botanic Perfume constructed to mimic fresh Lilacs and Violets. Just a little special ;)

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